Why can't I access the chat?

Hi it doesn't make sense I give genuine good legit advice and get banned from the chat but when I was acting up I never got banned this site makes no sense.

any comments feel free




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  • You can appeal a ban by explaining the situation more thoroughly and correcting any mal behavior, by using the contact link at the bottom of this page to send a message to the girlsaskguys team. Utlimately we are all human and make mistakes; however, if you use any service outside of the designated usage, they will ultimately ban you from using the service before filing a legal complaint.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I can see your trying too hard to be a moderator of the site....

      Thanks for the advice but no thanks.

      KING C00K

    • No longer a moderator, and your welcome.

    • Courteousy Reminder: Don't forget to choose the best answer. If you need further assistance in this situation, please post an update.

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  • I do not know the details but if you are indeed did not do what others have claimed that you have, you have the right to talk or email administration. they are at the bottom of this site through links that you can find.

  • well, with all the bad behavior maybe its given you a bad name. Perhaps after a while you will regain your ability to access the chatroom. Btw, WeaponZero is awesome :)


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