The advertising and Pop up Adware allowed on this site is making it unbearable. Who else is having a horrible mobile experience?

I have had a horrible time trying to post and use this site because of all the advertising pop ups, they have allowed some very aggressive black hat marketing, using adware and synching to apps like Harpen, solitaire and crap, it is making this unbearable when using mobile device. Does anyone want to start a list and petition G&G to remove these unwanted and in my opinion, unethical marketing tactics which is ruining the service in this site? Let's name the companies and Apps so we can all call them out. They are really ruining the whole experince for me

  • do you feel bombarded by adware on this site?
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  • Do you feel it has really created a nuisance and beyond reasonable?
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  • Have you stopped using the site because it "times out" due to these 3rd parties using up the space?
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  • Have you tried And over to post and get kicked off the site due to 3rd party advertising?
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  • Do you feel this site has a unique problem and his over and beyond what is reasonable in terms of technical problems?
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  • All of the above?
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  • Yeah, it's kind of a pain in the ass to log in on mobile.

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