So, since now we are limited up to 3 questions per day (we Level 3-9ers), why Gurus can ask 4, and Masters can ask 5?

I didn't accept recent change as I said yesterday... but wot makes it worse's... Gurus and Masters appear to be more privileged...

First of all from wot I've noticed Gurus and Masters have more opinions than questions... just check top Xper-ers of all time... so I guess they don't give a crap about it anyway...

Those who ask questions more often r Level 1-8ers (9 not so much)... so y they should be "handicapped"?

I understand about Level 1 or 2... but y others should have less "rights" than Gurus and Masters?

So ma question's... Wouldn't it be more fair if we ALL could ask equal number of questions?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why do you continue to use this site when it seems like every change they make makes you so miserable?

    • I will leave after I get ma fucking card... unless admins come back to their senses... hope so...

      Although it's gonna take a while till I reach ma goal... if nothing happens till then... there's no place for me here...

      Just keep GAG alive by asking and answering all those pitiful questions 100 times/day...(feminism, how do I look, white-knights, y guys don't approach me, who should text first, etc)

      They just make me... gag (pun intended)...

    • *by default...

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think they should increase the number of questions people can ask, not limit them to just three, that was not a good idea, but I hope it's just temporary.


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What Girls Said 2

  • The higher level people have earned more points, so they get more questions, I don't see this as an issue

    • do u honestly believe u r superior than Level 3-9ers?

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    • Yeah... but let's not hide it... many of 'em post shit in order to climb there...

    • It depends on the person, I always genuinely try to be helpful, and I know a lot of others do as well. I do agree some do what you said though, but not the majority

  • If you wouldn't have gotten all pissy and quit you would still be a Master with all the privileges. It was your choice now live with it and stop whining.

    • I was reading your comments on posting sh! t. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? If I recall you posted garbage to get up to where you used to be last go around.

    • Pah... blocked of course...

What Guys Said 2

  • I totally agree - I don't see why Gurus and Masters should get any special treatment in this regard - There are a lot of Gurus and Masters who try to give the impression we are just the same as everyone else and things like the opinion sort , question privileges don't help.

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