Is there any reason why anonymous users don't become Editors?

I've posted 28 MyTakes in total... and more than half of 'em were promoted... others become Editors when they post 10 only or even less...

Though ALL MyTakes've been posted anonymously... so I suspect dat's y I'm not an Editor yet...

Is there any reason y they should be posted non-anonymously? Wot's so bad about being posted anonymously 100% of da time?

And another one question... do anonymous MyTakes ever get featured?


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  • 💁🏻 I should be an editor

    • do u post anonymously?

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  • I am guess no one knows them! They seem untrustworthy!

    • untrustworthy really?

      sorry but u look both like a rotten apple and have da mindset of a rotten apple as well... u almost never have anything to say in any question...

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    • So its okay for you to attack me? I thought i had the right to my opinion and the way I want answer my question. I don't attack you or your style of answering question now do I?

    • Hmph... anyway... I remember u from messing up ma polls... I just don't have a good impression of u... dat's all...

  • It's because your anon. No one knows who you are.

    • still... now as we talk I have 32 Takes...

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    • I have a question though how could any person come up with 7 or more quality questions that will get any amount of comments.

    • I'm very creative... I have many stuff running through ma head and I could ask 10-15 if I was given da chance...

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