O. G. Gaggers-- Remember the good ol' days?

Things many gaggers probably don't remember and even I don't really remember all that well:

Chat feature

Ah, to actually be able to extend a conversation had on a question into a chat. We were chatting with people who's participation on the site we had never actually witnessed. I met some good people this way... or at least i think I did... it was sooo long ago.

War... War Never Changes...

The fights were more intellectual than they are now. They were often about politics so I'm glad they're at least a little bit more about things most of the fairly young user base thinks about/experiences
Articles having bizzarly awkward comments section where each one was stack on top of one another with only a name seperating them

No explanation needed. Suffice it to say GaG used to have one of the clunkiest interfaces and hilarious misunderstading of basic color palletes that you thought someone made it as a fifth grade project... but it was OUR fifth grade project!

Monthly "Attractions"

Every month there'd be something new... a hot or not clone addition to the site... a pick up line contest... GaG was finding itself and still willing to experiment to find it's voice. When did GaG become a grandpa?

People Actually Asking for MORE Details

Back in my day, we actually wanted people to give us more details about the issue so that we could give them better advice specific to their situation. Nowadays you kids see a block of text and head for the hills. When did we stop actually caring about helping? I get that we're more social and having fun than the hard work this site used to be, but darn it we were saving lives!

O.G. Gaggers-- Remember the good ol' days?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I hated the chat feature. I ended up disabling it, lol.

    I remember a feature on the site where you could put up a picture of yourself and describe the kind of datea you would like to go on and other users would rate it out of ten. Most of them were all shit, lol.

    I also remember how questions could be rated out of 5 stars. I wish they would bring that back so we could all weed out the bad questions.

    And yeah, the debates used to be really good here. On any topic, really, not just politics or religion. Now people get all up in arms when you challenge them or share a different opinion, accuse you of being a liberal/conservative/whatever, and block you. People get way more offended now then several years ago, that's for sure.

    There was also less gender bashing from what I can recall. Like men saying that all women are feminists who want their money and who are just terrible overall, or women saying that all men hate women and only want one thing, etc. Stuff like that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The thing I do miss, are the colorful and prolonged debates which were typically related to either religion or politics. I was gone for two years, and since I recently returned, I've slowly noticed that such interchanges appear to be absent. It's as though some sort of intellectual genocide, or engineered dumbing-down of the participants has taken place.


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  • Wow pavlove I just realised you are one hell of an ancient gagger 😂😂
    Man Im so curious to see how GAG used to look like now o__o

    • haha I took a huge break but yes I'm actually one of the originals

  • "Nowadays you kids see a block of text and head for the hills."

    Lmaoo so true.

  • lol that was before my time.
    newcomer here

  • I hated the chat feature. Most of the time it was like leave me alone already 😦

  • Mb people got more efficient. #neverstopimproving

  • i hear you but adap, t move on and think about the present lol


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  • I do remember all of those! It was back in the day, I think in 2012, when i used a different account. I had to eventually get rid of that account due to being racially discriminated and abused on here no end.

    • really? wow yeah you're right this site used to be really hardcore that way

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    • @idkwtftoputhere

      Yeah, seems like we Indian men are hated and loathed all over the world. :(

    • Nah. That's not true. Just ignore the stereotypes.

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