Don't you just hate it when sites remove your questions without even giving a reason?


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  • they do give a reason.. you can contact admin for further details..

    • i dont have to contact them. if they didn't give a reason then its safe to assume that the question didn't break any rules, no? they probably just removed it because they didn't like it very much

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    • you can contact @GirlsAskGuys to ask about the removal.. of check faqs. no question is removed without a reason..

    • well if they had a reason then they should have given me one. i would have liked to know why my question was removed

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  • Or just saying 'nonsense' : if you deleted all the nonsense on GaG it would be rather empty.
    That's the internet: a mod who has different opinions can delete a lot. An admin with different opinions is even worse.


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  • G@G always gives a reason.

    • your loyalty to your captors is touching

    • It's just a fact, man.
      Maybe you can't read or something.

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