Can I feature a myTake as I feature a question by redeeming Xper points?


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  • No, users can only redeem their Xper points to request to feature a question. MyTakes are reviewed by our admin staff who will then make the decision to promote and feature them or not.

    • but i can butter up the admin staff to feature the myTake, right? 😜

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    • Lol very funny :)

    • I haven't posted any myTake yet. But I will flatter you when I will post one. 😜
      Hopefully that would be enough to get it featured. 😂

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  • A featured MyTake is the "one up" on the Promoted MyTakes
    which the Admins will have reviewed and decided others could learn well from.

    Having a MyTake promoted, grants 50 Xper
    Having a MyTake featured by the admins, grants 200 Xper.

    In other words, no.. you cannot promote/feature them yourself.

    Good luck with your MyTaking adventures! ^.^

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