Does GaG put age restrictions on categories?

I'm sorry if this offends you but truthfully I do not post my opinions or comments on sexual related questions from anyone under 18. When someone under 18 comments or adds their opinion on my questions it creeps me out and makes me wish that I could delete it or restrict what ages are allowed to answer.

It's also seriously creepy when I see guys over 25 adding opinions and/or going as far as flirting with girls under 18.

What at do you think?


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  • nah i understand ur view, but i don't think GaG sees it that way. they don't consider themselves an adult site. more about people here using common decency to know their boundaries and for teens to have a safe experience. this is why mods exist too, to help clear up anything that goes wrong.


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  • I understand why you do that. It's understandable. However, those under 18 years of age have legitimate questions about sexual topics, too. This site is here to help them and provide insight they may not be sure of or learn in school. Sure, some of their questions may be removed because they're under 18 if they're too sexual, but this website is here to help users, no matter the age, overall.


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  • I am not sure there was talk of making sexual behaviour over 18 but I have a feeling that the content is judged rather than a total ban - I think any overt sexual questions are removed from under 18s and same goes for opinions but I don't think admins/mods can keep up with content so a lot gets through.

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