Ever had a comment removed from this?

The question was from teenage girl going off on one over the use of white people using the n word and how whites were this and that, now from what I saw none of the white folk on the question used the n word at all and if anything the girl in question was borderline racist. So after reading her rant I decided to tell her about what it's like for people in the UK and how she would be ridiculed with her #blacklivesmatter stance, not because I am cruel or a racist but because our justice system is the pits! The n word is not used here if it is it's down to ignorants or from hearing the word from rappers. The fact I was sitting reading from a hissy fitted little princess that Ovb been wrapped up in bubble wrap all her life taking an online tantrum made me laugh at her, I'm white and I mean I'm pure white.. whiter than your underwear white and I've been made fun of all my life for it by other whites.. When tried to explain to her that no matter your skin colour or your weight or anything their is someone going to call you terrible names but you just got to man up and take it on the chin.. I'm catholic I've been called , an IRA LOVER, a taig, Fenian and sweeping paedophilia under the carpet also to go home the famine is over, etc etc.. when I told her id rather be called the n word over a terrorist or a kiddy fiddler she went don't be so ignorant this is about black people then must of hit report because she didn't have a leg to stand on.

Now I've nothing against black people or any ethnic group at all but is this were cultures collide in different countries?
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I'm from Scotland our terms of endearment is to tell each other to *f*ck off* and call each other men's genital parts... so I honestly can't understand why people get so het up and argumentitive over a word... and if she came over here moaning like that she would genuinely would get laughed at and tell her to stick it up her lady parts.. not becaus we are bad terrible racist people but in a jokey * rolling your eyes sort of way*
Ever had a comment removed from this?
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