How do you block people from commenting on your opinions?

I've seen people that are able to block people from commenting on their opinions, but you can still message them because they didn't block you specifically. How do you do that?


Here's an example.

1. I can comment on the question just fine
2. If I try to comment on @MissNowhere opinion, it says I am blocked from commenting on the opinion
3. I can still freely send her a message

Is this a mod thing? She also told me she hasn't blocked me, so that can't be it either.


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  • Once you block a person that person remains blocked forever.

  • I thought once you blocked that it was a total block unless person was anon and they were just blocked on that question.

    • I don't think anonymous people can block, can they?

  • It's happened to me before and the person was even anonymous.

    No idea how to do it though

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