Freedom to post what you like or what?

Should we have the freedom to comment how we like instead of having to ask someone's permission before we post, because some people thing it is their place to dictate what we can say and whether we should post on their opinion. Do you think we should edit what we say to people on their conversations and ask their permission to comment, or should we say what we like.


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  • I haven't asked anyone for permission, but just stated my opinion. If they don't like it, they just don't like it. I mean, I try to say it in the most polite, professional manner possible, but I also try to give an informative and genuine opinion, so I don't beat around the bush. I think that as long as you aren't completely belligerent and don't harass them you should be fine.


What Guys Said 1

  • I really am slap bang in the middle on this one - I believe totally in freedom of speech but some stuff goes too far - In a perfect world everyone could agree on a line that will not be cross but since there will be no agreement - Who decides what line is and who do they answer to?

    • Well i would say the moderators but they are not exactly impartial. For instance they seem to remove anything that offends a woman or if you argue with a women with a title on here, but women can be as offensive as they like and nothing gets removed.

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