Should G@G give us changeable names in addition to our usernames kinda like on Twitter?

I'm thinking this: We keep our unchangeable usernames (kinda like twitter handles, even though those are changeable on twitter and not here) BUT we also get a spot to put a name if we want. You could put your username there too, or whatever you want for people like me with terrible usernames. You could switch it up with your mood but your username would be there too so people would still know who it is always. Would anyone like this?

It's just an idea. My username is dumb. :(

  • Yes, I would like to have a changeable name in addition to my username.
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  • No, that's dumb and confusing.
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  • I don't care.
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  • It's not dumb, but it seems like it would be more confusing than anything. Users may not remember the unchangeable name and more attention to the one that changes frequently.


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  • I think what we need more is a user search feature, and an instant chat. Would be nice to have a predicted tag feature, where as soon as you start tagging someone and you enter some letters you get suggestions for users whose names start with those letters. Does that make sense? It would make tagging so much easier because a lot of users have numbers and they are difficult to remember.

    • These are GREAT ideas! Yeah it makes sense. So that's a no to my thing though?

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    • No, she doesn't need mine! She has the sorcerer's stone! (Shhhh! It's a secret)

    • Or philosopher's stone because you're British or something

  • I think it's a very interesting idea, I agree :)

  • I agree with a fixed name for tagging

  • Accept the name you have given yourself.
    No regrets.

    Miss 1710.


What Girls Said 3

  • i think that would confuse most users. it's an interesting idea though.

  • I usually try to pick a name that I will be happy with for a long time and I don't really like to change my name on social media sites. It's a little confusing and sometimes frustrating when someone repeatedly changes their name.

  • Honestly, I think we should be able to change our permanent usernames or even be able to dress them up a little for personalization.

    • Yes I thought so but it doesn't sound like that'll ever happen so I thought of another idea.

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