How do I show harassing private messages when reporting someone?

@roxanne93 started sending me harassing private messages because of my opinion on her question:

this is why we should have the ability to fully block anon users, instead of just blocking them on an individual post. thats how they're able to continue their toxic behavior on this site.


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  • If a user is harassing you via private messaging, you should report them for the reason "private messages" and we will be notified and look at the inbox interactions and take action, if necessary.


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  • You can make a screenshot to the private messages and send them to the admin.

  • You have not said where or how you get these messages.

    Best advice, take pictures using a camera so you have control of them and you can take them too who ever you decide too show.

    Also email the pictures to yourself, so if you lose the phone/camera you still have copies.

  • why you not blocked him/her? 😍

    • I did, right after she sent the message. I still wanted to report her.

      I've also changed my settings so that only people I follow can message me now.

    • so still getting msg?

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  • Report their profile and select the reason "private messages". Admins actually have the ability to view private messages between members and they'll check out the conversation between you two. You should also take screen shots of the entire conversation.

    • oh, I chose harassing. is it too late to change it?

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    • You can only report users once so it's too late to change the reason. Although admins will still check out the history of interaction between you. Keep the screen shots handy in case nothing happens. I imagine you've already blocked this person.

    • yep. already blocked her. moved on..

  • Report them and your reason is private messages. The admins will look into it :)

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