Newest GAG Update: You can now like questions... any other changes?

Noticed the latest update gives us the possibility to like questions... any other changes?

Newest GAG Update: You can now like questions....any other changes?

you get notifications when your question is liked too


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  • Here's a brief overview of the changes :)

    -Like feature. Users can "like" content that they find interesting, helpful, or useful. You also have the ability to "unlike" the post. Users will receive a notification when someone likes their question or myTake, they can see which user liked it. To turn off these notifications, just go to your settings and scroll down to where it says "notifications." Uncheck the box that says "Someone likes your question/myTake" and then click "save."
    -New ability to mute/unmute notifications. This is located by clicking the "more" button (3 horizontal lines) at the bottom right of the question. It will mute new opinions, new opinion comments, mentions, MHO awards, and like notifications.
    -Xper changes. Getting more than 5 likes on your question, myTake, or opinion will give you +3 Xper points. Even if members unlike the post, it does not take the Xper points away from the QA/myTake Owner/Opinion Owner.

    You can see a more in-depth explanation of all the new changes by viewing the myTake about the updates :)

    • thanks for the explanation :)

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    • I don't understand why adding the like feature would mean there can't be dislikes. You could have upside down hearts as the symbol :)

    • @Bandit74 I think they wanted to get rid of the downvotes and therefore replaced the up- downvotes with likes :)

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  • after seeing the hearts and shit, its really flashy.

    • when they're all bunched up that is

    • yeah but the asker liked icon is a bit big... the two hearts directly next to each other looks a bit odd.

    • yeah i went to another question where literally every post was liked and holy shit it was so bright and distracting. it's gonna take some time getting used too.

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  • We can't downvote opinions anymore 😂 and right next to the number of "likes" on an opinion, it states the number of opinion comments by each gender which is unnecessary.

    • sometimes the developers do more good than necessary. lets see what modifications they decide to make after a week.

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    • A feminist had a hand in this, I swear to god..

    • @sp33d what do you mean?

  • Why disallow downvoting? I thought it was a nice feature.

    Don't turn GaG into a circlejerk hugbox please.

    • I know right? The hearts everywhere are so efgurrgh annoying!!! As if an FB 'like' overdose wasn't enough. I won't 'like' what people are saying, but I would upvote them. 'Upvote' with that arrow was really nice and also easy on the eyes. It was more elegant. This makes it sooooo damned cheesy wanting everyone to HEART and LIKE everyone. Da hell. Downvotes here were good. I understand it has its annoyances, but there was some freedom or whatever with it.

      This makes me gag not G@G. I think they finally achieved their motto.

  • These changes are not relevant, I personally feel it's a waste of time. I REALLY wish we have that book mark question feature...

  • Ya I know right!

  • I guess we can't down vote opinion anymore, can we?

  • No more downvoting, heart everywhere. What are we, in a Catholic middle school?


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