Do you miss the dislike button?

I mean. Now how am I going to know I'm annoying people?

  • Good riddance.
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  • Give it back! Give it back!
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  • It must be brought back.


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  • Yes! I feel like a close friend has died :(

    I would have gone on a downvoting spree had I known they were going to take my friend away from me.

    • I would have done that too. Oh look, I just downvoted you... Goddamnit 😑😑

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    • As far as I understand, removing the downvote option and put the reply button next to the heart thing is a way of saying "if you don't agree comment".

    • @Humping_Tornadoes Ah, yeah. I assumed it was a conversation count, but when I posted it didn't show up; so I assumed it might have been a way to downvote. But, checking the page again shows the comment count.

      And yeah.

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  • How is it that every update in every forum, every website is worse than the previous one? Why do people try to fix things that cannot be fixed? Just leave it as it is goddamit.

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