How do you feel about the newest G@G update?

This update features the removal of the dislike feature, and a new "heart" feature for liking opinions. Also, it shows you how many people commented on your opinion.

How do you feel about the newest G@G update?
How do you feel about this? I'm kind of upset that they removed the downvote feature.

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  • Not happy for a number of reasons. First thing I noticed is that I went to comment and it was trying to flag the opinion. They moved the position of the comment button so that you set a flag instead. Lets not move things away from where you expect them.

    Downvotes... There are come opinions on here that are so offensive that people just have to voice that. They used to be able to cast a downvote. Now they must verbally state it and with the offensive people it will lead to bad words, so that people will likely just not get into it at all. Then only the other offensive people will jump in and support that post and it will look like it was appreciated although most might hate it.

    So here is my vote.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I knew I'd be able to find this question on your 😊
    I've been off for a few days so I'm pretty late but regardless of it I'm not a fan of the update not one bit 🙅

    1. Why on earth do we need to take account of how many comments we have and how many came from which sex. There's just no point and it's useless -_- Also considering I wasn't hear when they updated it I had no idea what on earth the other numbers next to the comment image were at first. I just assumed that they moved the comment image over for no particular reason and decided to break up the the up votes from the down votes... Which leads me to #2.

    2. I just don't understand why they removed our rights to disagree with someone. If they honestly think that that's a way to bring down the drama it is the exact opposite. It was a peaceful way to disagree with someone or their point of view by taking that away it only results into people forcibly commenting and having arguments. And not only that but I'm actually more upset about not being able to get feed back and seeing if people disagree with me or not than I am about no longer having the ability to disagree. But back to what I was originally saying being able to view your up/down votes had more purpose than giving us a total of how many comments we have.

    3. Gag is trying to be something that it just isn't. After every update this site becomes more and more like Twitter and all other social media sites. This is a sike where you're suppose to give and seek advice and instead we're to busy liking, loving, hearting or whatever you want to call it each others opinions. Wasn't it good enough when we were able to Follow one another?

    They just need to stop trying to make it "new and improved". Like they say if it ain't broke don't fix it 😕


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  • I don't really care. I'll get used to it just like every other change, haha.

  • Not a fan. It coddles people and encourages people to be unrealistic when there's something wrong with their perspective that needs to be adjusted.

    • Precisely!

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    • @Asker I also noticed that the option to immediately click on either girls or guys answers is gone. That was a great feature.

    • It's stupid :(

  • I want my downvotes and I don't care if I have to have a tantrum, I'm not going to shut up about it until they bring it back!
    And hearts? Really? I'm 36 not 6 😞

  • I actually like downvoting assholes. But it can get kind of toxic when you're in a feed with people of a similar mindset and your opinion is trashed with downvotes. (this applies to things I've downvoted and when I've been mass downvoted.)

    I think the heart is a tad distracting. But I think it will increase overall joyfulness. What's more joyful than a big pink heart?

    I think the changes will make GaG more positive because 1) you can't mass downvote an opinion just because you don't agree with the person and 2) you have to click on a cute heart and share positivity.

    The possible downside is that we get into more arguments because we have to voice our distaste, right... so, then we'll be engaging with people with different opinions more often, which could lead to more fights.

    But I don't think that will happen with these all seeing bright pink hearts.

    • Bright pink hearts! I hate that. That is a stupid idea. And it does not increase my overall joyfulness! And how can one person "mass" downvote an opinion? If I disagree with the person, it would only be one downvote.

      If you don't like this, tought. I would have simply downvoted to show that it was poor thinking, but they took that away so I have to verbally criticize you. Blame G@G, not me!!!

      And hope you realize I am pulling your leg. :-) though the removal of the downvote is in my opinion a negative thing.

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    • Hope you laughed instead, sweetie! :-)

    • @Red_Arrow Haha, yes. You got me for a second though :)

  • I want the downvote option back. ✌
    And upvotes to don't look like hearts, it's horrible. Like Valentine's Day (it's not a special thing for me, but because of the school where I go it became really annoying) every day. @.@
    But by just looking at the screen it looks pretty good. 👐

    • You downvoted people?

    • Same. 😂 Nobody even asked for this so I dunno why they did this.

    • @Joc4Position
      I mostly upvote, but when something is truly offensive I'm not afraid to downvote. 💪😂😛
      They were offended by downvotes, chill, I'm joking. 😂

  • Thanks for the feedback! The idea with this new feature is to encourage an even more positive community by ackowledging good, helpful and interesting contributions. Of course we can always disagree with an opinion and state our own points of view!

  • It's stupid

  • I like how the majority of the people don't like it.

  • It's the worst yet.

  • Eh I don't care, I'll get use to it 😝

  • I want the downvote button back and whoever came up with the stupid heart idea might take it back and shove it deep in his/hers ass.

  • No down votes? Horrible.

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