Why was there a removal of down votes display?

I kinda liked it where people were open to expressing their opinions on what they liked and disliked.

I would obviously understand if It was social media like facebook and instagram because it's all user friendly etc. but I think GAG should be more user engaging. It feels like censorship you know.

we already have an anonymous button for those who may have problems with downvotes.

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  • Oh my fucking god.
    I'm seriously gonna leave GAG till people calm down and learn to deal with it. Yeah, I hate it too, but STOP FUCKING ASKING THE SAME DAMN QUESTION EVERYONE. There's 3577227 questions like this already. Fuckin' CHILL.


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  • You know you can still express your opinion right? 😂
    Except you'll actually have to type it out instead lazily downvoting someone.

    • Ok, but by that same reasoning we don't need an upvote/heart button either. That's what makes it stupid

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    • *upvoting not pivoting

      It just doesn't make sense. Apparently simply downvoting made this place too negative... So their fix is for us to argue with each other in more detail and probably verbally attack each other instead

    • @Dragonstarterplus I see where you're trying to come from but upvoting just doesn't seem as bad. Like me and you right now, so far we've expressed our opinions without belittling one another. More people need to be like that and agree to disagree.

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  • On one hand, I can understand taking it away. It can discourage people and make them leave the site especially if someone spams them with downvotes whenever their name is seen (like I do).

    On the other, it didn't really serve a purpose except to tell the whole world that this individual had X amount of downvotes.


What Guys Said 4

  • This is a site of opinions and everyone is entitled to have one and to be judged on it isn't right. If they didn't want an opinion then why ask?

  • I wonder the same thing... but even more important question is - why haven't they brought back Follow questions? :(

  • The removal of the down-votes stimulate those who disagree to write more negative comments explaining their own views. This will greatly contribute to more discussions.

    With the down-votes you could just click to vote something down but now you must explain more. This is actually very good in my opinion.

  • Not only an anonymous button but also the 'private profile' option.
    I haven't yet discovered how to see if a private profile is female or male.

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