Anyone ever what happens after you give someone advice?

You ever wondered what happened after you have someone advice on here? If they actually adhered to what you advised them to do or just ignored it?


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  • Yes I totally question that everytime someone replies to one of my opinions!


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  • Lol, I know when I give advice people ignore it. People (including myself sometimes) most times don't want advice. They just want someone to rant to. They just want to talk about it. My ex-best friend always wanted advice from me on things and would ask me what he should do. I gave him very sound advice and I KNOW it was good advice and so did he. He never listened to me though. I stopped giving him advice and every time he would ask for it, I just told him that it wasn't my business and that I wasn't going to give it anymore. He never cared about what I had to say. He just wanted to get another persons perspective on the situation, but already knew he wasn't going to follow it. I just don't care what they do anymore. If they don't want to listen, then that's their business, their problem. I don't have time to worry or think about it.


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  • I try to give honest advice on here. Whether they follow it or not is up to them..


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