What is with these ghost mentions?

It is a problem that used to be on here but was taken care of. Now they are showing up and disappearing constantly. Somewhere there is a mention and I can't find it. And now there are two. Is this another "improvement" in the latest update by G@G?


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  • I have a mention that I can't seem to find but along my quest of researching I ve found a whole lot of mentions that they forgot to show.
    this notification is bugging me man

    • Be careful with messages. If you leave a message window open, you will usually not get a notification that a new message from that person has com in. then you are shutting tabs and close it without seeing the new one.

      But yeah, like Microsoft likes to say so often about Windows, it isn't a bug, its a feature!

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    • Had to give you MHGal for your experience of finding mentions that were not even showing. lol

    • lol hahaha why thank you, thank you very much ^^

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  • same here... super annoying.

    usually you can find it by going through your old opinion comments


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