Since GAG does updates often, how about those 2?

- Have the option to change "get opinions from" option, after we post our question. Yesterday I asked a question dedicated to girls only, and I forgot to click "girls". Don't I have the right to change it?

- In "Without MHO" section from your questions, they should be shorted as "Without MHO (from guys)" and "Without MHO from girls". Sometimes I forgot to pick MHO for both genders, and it's hard to find them.

What do you say?

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  • No, ffs, don't encourage them to change anything else.


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  • I agree with your second idea. I for one like categorizing and listing things so I'm down for it.


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  • I kinda prefer the first idea, we should have option to modify the question, especially if there is some sort of mistake involved.

  • I'd like the option to enable downvotes on the opinions on my questions!!!

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