Why can't we donate our Xper to RAVEN anymore?

I remember this used to be an option, but I was off the site for a period of time and it changed a lot since I was gone.


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  • The RAVEN organization no longer accepts donations. However, we are currently looking for new charities and organizations for users to donate to and we will let the community know when we find one :)

    • Maybe I'm biased but I think it should be ASPCA

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    • I don't really like the ASPCA or HSUS personally. Much of the money they receive doesn't go directly to the animals/their caretakers and the executives make relatively high salaries. I do, however, support other local organizations that help them because it's the best way to ensure your money and support is directly helping the animals.

    • Whatever organization you pick, just make sure the donations are helping! There are a lot of messed up "charities" out there.

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  • Unfortunately, no :/
    I read that they had connections with an organization which supplies clean water. After collecting so much donation, they discontinued it and partnered with RAVEN. Now it happened again. I think there'll be a new organization. :)


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  • I just noticed that myself. What gives GAG?


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