Why can't I ask the questions that I really want to ask?

So this will probably get removed, but I'm a 14 year old girl (obvi) and I have a lot of question about sex. A LOT. But everytime I ask a remotely sexual question it gets removed... I really want to know "what does sex feel like?" "What method of birth control is best?" "Should I use both the condom and the pill?" "Should I shave my pubic hair?" I really want to know, but every time I ask these questions, they get removed and I get a warning... PLEASE HELP!


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  • Generally our guidelines will tell you that anything beyond what you'd learn in
    Sex-ed, is out of limits. Sort of like an attempts at preventing underage people
    who doesn't want to/shouldn't see those things.

    Many times, it's simply just your use of words
    as the gentleman @HandsomeRaj said, How to and How do I
    will usually get removed. ^.~

    • But my question "should I use a condom" just got removed... Is there a way to get it "unremoved"?

    • That's probably because of the "should I"
      Our guidelines, if you read them, are pretty strict about how people word things..

      You could instead try to ask "what're the benefits of using condoms" or "why do people use condoms"

      But if you have read the guidelines that people also posted here/provided
      and still feel it was an unjustified removal, you could plead your case to the admins
      as they have the final say. I wouldn't recommend that in this case though..

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  • lol, i don't understand why those simple questions get removed but ok...
    - for me, It feels amazing being penetrated, especially if you hit the right spot. It is the position and the rythmic thrusting that make sex great for women. The first time it hurt me a little, a lot for some girls, I was already broken in so it didn't bother me too much but it stretches you out... And that could feel like burning at first.
    - i go on the pill. it's more safe for me and my boyfriend. he doens't like to wear a condom and i don't like the feeling neither...
    - i shave mine, it's just a preference. It's not wrong or good if you shave or not.

    It's normal at your age to be this curious but don't freak out about it.


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  • Just as long as you don't ask 'how do I' type of questions young lady, every question you ask about sex and sexuality will be answered :)

    The removal of 'how to / how do I' is for your own safety while other questions are encouraged because the GAG management wants you to learn and get opinions too :)

    If you have any questions or specific situations you can always write to me or any of mods or admins

    What does sex feel like and what method of birth control is best as well as should I use both the condom and the pill will / may get pulled down while 'should I shave my pubic hair' will remain :)

  • topics pertaining to sexual relations, when asked by a minor, are more likely to be hidden if the question asker is asking how to perform in sexual relations and such:

    Adult Topic – These are posts that contain overly sexual content posted by users under 18. Our members must be 18+ to ask “how to” sexual Questions. Posts that provide too many sexually graphic details by a member who is under 18 are removed for their protection. This is sexually related content that would not be presented in a high school Sexual Education course.
    For example, for those under 18, a Sexuality Question such as, "Why do guys get pleasure from nude pics?" is fine while "Best way to turn on a guy friend?" is not.

    as long as you remain within the guidelines you should be fine.

  • That's horrible! And people wonder why us youth are "degenerate and oversexed"...

    Here's a YouTube channel dedicated to sex ed. It isn't just the biology of it either. She goes in depth with pleasure, toys, birth control, all that good stuff.


    Oh, and for a more welcoming place to ask questions, go to: https://www.quora.com/

    They aren't sex specific, but you can certainly ask sex related questions on there.

    Oh, and you can ask questions in the comments of sexplanations as well.

  • When you ask such questions, you will definitely get frowns especially if it implies that your gonna try. Perhaps you simply being too liberal.

  • sucks... if they keep getting removed just messaged some trustworthy people and ask them if they can answer some questions :)

  • I feel the same way my question was removed
    all i had asked was

    "Is a thigh fetish a bad thing?"

    it got removed because the picture i posted, the girl was fully clothed just her legs were proped up, and yet people can still post question showing their butts?

  • Take sex ed class or something

  • "What method of birth control is best?"

    Condoms. Hormonal birth control isn't good for your health.

  • "What does sex feel like?"

    "What method of birth control is best?"
    Ask your doctor.

    "Should I use both the condom and the pill?"
    Preferably both, especially if neither you or your partner got tested.

    "Should I shave my pubic hair?"
    Depends on what your partner likes and what you're comfortable doing.

    So are we done? Go do your homework.


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  • You can ask sex questions but you can't ask how to do certain sexual details. If you're asking about birth control then that's fine, sex feels different for everyone. Birth control methods vary from condoms, pills, IUD's etc. Usually its common to get on the pill when you're young. Your pubic hair is nothing of a concern and you should only be the one to decide what to do with it.

  • you're a kid.. and should not be thinking about sex so much,,,,

    • actually no... the hormones in the brain during puberty cause these sexual thoughts. They are 100% natural. Don't shame people for totally healthy things please.

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    • @Lonely_Blue_Moon I don't live in US.. that's awful if true.

    • I'm telling the truth, sadly. A few states have semi-decent sex ed, but it still isn't really comprehensive. Quite a few states don't require it at all, or worse, they straight up tell them to LIE about shit. I wish I was making this up.

  • Try asking your questions on other forums, such as the sex forum on the Women's Health Forum or over at Dodson and Ross (google them).

  • They've always done this to minors. The reasons being sexual content can get the admins in trouble for criminal sexual conduct issues

    • Why it's not like they're having sex with her, or giving her porn

    • @HentaiMaster23
      I know but you gotta cover your bases. Just like R rated movies only certain ages can see it unless there is parental consent. Well there isn't parental consent for this site

  • Are you sure these are the questions getting removed or have you been asking how to questions?

    • To answer your first question, it depends really. The first time you have sex, well for me anyway, hurt really bad. After that it gets much much better. I don't know how to describe what it feels like. If you masturbate that is a scaled down version of what it feels like. Your second question, I would recommend using both the condom and the pill. That is what I have been doing for the last 1.5ish years and I've been just fine. Thirdly, if you want to shave it do so, if you don't want to don't. I would recommend just trimming with scissors and having your bikini line. Feel free to message me if you have other questions.

  • You shouldn't be having sex until you are older. Just hold on, you are not missing out.

  • Get another account and lie about your age.

    • Lying is never a good policy. Sometimes the advice given is most effective when you know what their accurate age is

    • @SarahsSummer If she can't even ask the question in the first place it doesn't do her any good.

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