Does GAG even bother to fix the problems this site has?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey! Yes, problems are fixed as they are spotted out, but some fixes take more time than others. Are you having issues on the site right now?
    You said it freezes on mobile?

    • Hi yes it always freezes on mobile. It does it when I am back spacing before I have posted something to correct something I have written.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah they shuold fixing all the problems, but maybe they have a big plan for the GAG, one day GAG will reborn !

    • I mean GAG being so easy to freeze on mobiles has been a problem for so long now.

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    • Thank you for mho

    • Your welcome.

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  • Yes, I am sure they are doing what they can, however time is always a factor and some problems will require more attention than others.

  • Nope! It's slowly but surely getting more and more unpleasant to use. Change some of the fonts, for a kick off!!

  • They do. But when one problem gets fixed another one starts. It's a norm.

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