Do you think that GirlsAskGuys have a clever idea to get people addicted to the site?

I've recently learned that in order to get an ad-free experience, you have to reach Level 7 first and then do daily activities. You may either write 20 opinion posts or write a promoted myTake post.

I don't know about you, but 20 opinions seem like a lot to me. I think I prefer the easy route: the promoted myTake post. So far, all of my own myTakes have been promoted, and two of them have been featured. I think I also have 1 or 2 featured questions. I never paid for them with Xper points; the system just selected them as "Feature". Apparently, the system finds my posts interesting. The only catch is, it does take time to write these posts. It's not that I have no ideas. It's just that I have to organize my ideas into ways that would be comprehensible, intelligible, and useful.


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  • I have not seen any ads since I joined, however I am using an extension on chrome

  • Just get adblock. I have never seen an ad on here at all.


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