Who do you think is spit on the most on GaG? Guys or girls?

Details in the question.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh, no, please don't do another one of these. These "let's have a feeling-sorry-for-ourselves competition" threads.

    There's hate and trollbait on both sides of this equation, but, if you are decently good at filtering through that stuff, this is a very supportive environment, where you can learn a lot about the pressures that the opposite sex (and others of yr own, too) is up against.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys but it's their own fault 'kind of'. I mean, most bitter creeps on this site are male. Perhaps that means guys generally have it harder or perhaps it means that guys give in to negativity easier than girls but either way, there are monumentally more male creeps here and as a result they get 'spit' on far more than girls.


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  • I think... girls. But that's just in general because even in real life girls are spit on for having similar tendencies as guys (eg: slut).
    I just think.

    • Actually, a 'slut' is seem as harmless in comparison to a guy who sleeps around. You might call a girl a slut for doing the same thing, but at the end of the day she isn't seen a threat to anyone. Bring 2 profiles - one of a notorious slut and a womanizing playboy - to the police, and then tell me which one the cops are going to suspect is a potential sexual criminal.

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    • So it's worse to be thought of as a sexual predator than a slut.

    • I guess so. I wouldn't be able to handle the food in jail anyways. :D

  • I am not sure. Girls have lot of pressures.


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