I exceeded 750 xp points so how can I use the benefits of the 750 xp points?


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  • 750 Xper is enough for you to have one of your questions featured.

    You can find more about what Xper is, and how to use/spend it here

    Being lvl 2+ also signifies, that you can private message other people
    and add clickable links to your posts.

    • Thank u but how can I make one of my questions featured

    • You first make a question, then go to your profile's "My Settings"
      at the right side, look for a yellow/orange button saying "Redeem Points"
      from there, you simply tell them that you want to feature a question
      and give them the link to said question.

      Be mindful though, redeeming is the same as spending/using them
      as the lovely @TheoryOfAvarice said, you can save them for later
      when you have enough for other things.

      There is, among other things, a TGI Friday's gift card for 3500
      or an Amazon giftcard for 7000 which I know many of our users
      are looking to get their hands on. ^.^

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