When are we going to get downvotes back?

I know this may be considered old news by some, but...

I know there are benefits to not having them, but it just doesn't seem like GAG without them. Everything seems so... fake- We're only allowed to express our opinion when we like something? Seems a bit terrible, to me anyway.

  • Hopefully soon :)
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  • 50/50 chance of them coming back
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  • Never! D:
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  • I don't know :/
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  • Probably never because the admins don't give a shit what the userbase wants.


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  • The banning down vote system is fine for me, because of drama people will literary follow some gagers around and downvote them.

    • But surely downvotes are better than people having to comment on an opinion they really don't agree with?

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    • and challenging of thought.

    • If everyone on GAG was civil in their arguments, I would agree with you :(

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  • Probably about the same time as the follow question option GAG says is coming back for months now.


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