What is your success rate in getting promoted and featured myTakes and questions?

Out of my 8 myTakes published, all of them are promoted and 5 of them are featured.
Out of my 123 questions published before this question, only 2 of them are considered "great questions" by the GirlsAskGuys Admin Team and thus featured.

Looking at my stats, writing G@G-approved myTakes seems to get the most Xper points, and more Xper points means the ability to win prizes. I am not really that interested in the Featured question or the T-shirt or even the restaurant gift card. I am interested in the $20 Amazon gift card.

Just writing 5 featured myTakes can earn 1000 Xper points. So, 50,000 points would mean 250 featured myTakes. By that point, I would have accrued a high Xper level ranking and a high number of Xper points that can spent on a lot of gift cards at the store. Though, you can only claim 2 things per month, IIRC. So, that means I can ask for 2 Amazon gift cards or -14000 redeemable points from my account. Then, I can just log in and not do anything beyond that for 3 months, and I may still be able to claim 2 Amazon gift cards each month until the redeemable points run out. Though, if I create even more myTakes, then I can earn more gift cards until I am able to buy something really expensive on Amazon with my hard-earned digital money. The stipend isn't much to live off of, but it can be a good way to make some pocket money. :)

I have planned out the titles for future myTakes I will be writing and the minimum and maximum numbers of Xper points I can earn, assuming that they are promoted (minimum expectation) and featured (maximum expectation). Generating ideas for new titles may get a bit tricky, but hopefully by listening to the opinions of the readers, I may form a myTake based on that.


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  • If you keep writing good MyTakes, you will reach a point
    where you'll get the chance to get the Editor title as well.

    As you said, featured MyTakes also grant you a total of
    200 bonus Xper, so please do keep writing good ones. ^.^

    I don't write MyTakes myself, and I answer more questions
    than I ask them.. I just like to help the people who need it. ^.~


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