Why can we not down vote anymore?

Well maybe the question should be why did they take it out. This sight was important because people could give there true opinion and say virtually out loud whether they liked or dissliked something. Now what's the point of even making a question if you limit the ability to make an option? What do y'all think legit issue?

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  • Because we have to love one another


    • But dose love come so easily when one covers the truth in how one feels. Love is acceptance but one must accept that one opinion may not be agreed upon by all. In that one can listen and if one can listen then one can understand the feelings of others.

    • I agree with you. But the moderators do not.

    • That's a shame because plenty of people feel this way.

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  • Too many pc people on here meaning extremely emotionally sensitive pp.

    • True but very question will have those kinds of people, but just because the questions do have those people that doesn't mean that the ability to make opinion in the positive or the negative should be stifled.

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