WHO works you hardest on GAG?

Here you are, trying to give best opinons, help, advice to GAG questions and BOOM a rubarb ensues, your blood pressure rises, there's no thanks, just insults incoming.

Another take:
Those that are waiters are used to
big tips from those always content and needing little service
as well as
tiny tips from those that work them to death

FROM WHOM or WHAT GROUP of GAG questioneers
do you get the worst feedback, negative experiences and possibly wish to avoid?

Bonus: What would you suggest to GAG to improve these rotten apple epxeriences?


Most Helpful Girl

  • ANONS in the low-20s Males
    also where I find the most time wasting, infuriating Trolls
    and the no-ears, know-it-alls

    • Amen! to that AthleticMom, I can relate to that. One other guys who pose as girls. Now that can't get me on my high horse real fast!!!

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  • I mean... there's a reason I have 300+ people blocked on here.

    I'm genuinely curious to see how many people are on here because I have so many blocked lol

    Mostly black males hate on me. Sorry, that's generalizing, I'm sure, but lately they (or one with multiple accounts perhaps) have been dogging me on here so... yeah.


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