Is my account frozen?

I am REALLY confused right now. So I guess I posted some antagonistic stuff yesterday and GAG messaged me that they had frozen my account due to that. So I'm not mad about it but I'm confused because I think I just sent a message? Lol if you answer this question at all then it answers the question for me but basically how do I know my account is actually frozen?


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  • They sent you a message?
    When my account was frozen this past weekend, I got no notification about it at all. The only reason I knew it was frozen was because I was unable to send a message I had typed up to send as a pm.

    But yeah, if your account is frozen, you wouldn't have been able to post this question so I guess you're fine. :)


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  • When we freeze accounts, it's just temporarily.

    You can also find it in the FaQ
    "UberMods can also temporarily freeze member accounts in cases of consistent infringement."

    Having fun is okay, but be sure that
    the fun is perceived that way by both sides. ^.^

    • Well I just felt that they were being ignorant enough for me to "antagonize them"

      Lol I'll set myself straight!

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  • they most likely unfroze your account after taking the report into consideration, therefore you are able to even post this question.

  • What sort of antagonistic stuff did you post?

    • Somebody posted something about bullying and how people should "get over it" and "everyone has bullied in their life" and how "bullying isn't a big deal" and I went on a whole spiel on how she's never experienced real bullying and stuff

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