No age in Live Feed?

When I search for just questions, it shows the Xper and age the name of the poster between his/her name and the title. But in live feed, I can't see that until I click on the post. Why is the age not shown?


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  • Because most users would filter out the "under 18" activity in the feed, alienating the primary audience of GaG.

    in my opinion taking out the age filter is a smart business move for GaG. Savvy stuff.


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  • That's been like that a long time.

    I believe it's to discourage old men from hitting on young children exclusively.

    • How would that work?

    • There is a small contingent of very gross men that like to hit on young people (young girls especially). They follow young girls specifically to ask them about their periods, give them weird compliments, etc.

      I have been here long enough to have seen almost everything.

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