Why is the same question asked on GAG by 5 or 6 different people?

I am relitively new to GAG and I was wondering why the same questions is asked with the exace same details and discription to the question and it will be asked by 4 5 or 6 different names or it will be asked annomously and then again by different people but the details will always be the same. Is anyone else noticing this or is it me and my computer?


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  • Users don't always check the recent questions in each topic to see if the same or similar question has already been asked honestly. However, they should realize some of the questions have been or will be asked, especially after G@G does an update. The amount of "Where did the downvote go?" questions after the last update was overwhelming and unnecessary, haha.


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  • Did (insert gag name) really leave?
    Can you rate my looks?
    Is it me or has GaG updated again?
    Who's you GaG crush?
    Why do black people do (insert some stereotype)?

    • Yeah these are great examples of question but there is a lot more

    • Oh yeah A LOT more!!

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  • Yeah like what exactly?

  • I have seen a few users post the same thing multiple times. Not in a day, but in a week, or one week, then the next. I've seen it, it's not just you.


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