Open question to the admins?

How is a question about the free speech of all not good enough that it must be removed from this site?


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  • From their FAQ;
    "When a post of yours is hidden or removed you will receive a message with a general explanation as to why your post was hidden or removed. If you think the decision was not right please send a message through Contact and we will check the decision to remove the post. Please DO NOT post Questions/myTakes asking why specific posts were removed, as those Questions/myTakes will be removed as well. Come to us with those questions "

    • Funny how you hide on anon, questions get hidden by the mods if it upsets them or criticizes them or offends them, well only the female ones anyway. Then they get removed by the feminazis that run the site.

    • I do everything anon on here so that has no precedence. And im just telling the OP how to properly go about doing things.

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  • something of yours get removed?

  • This site will remove anything that criticises women or feminists or dares to offend them, but they can say what they like. I was about to answer a question about feminism just now before it got removed for daring to offend their warped ideology.

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