How many other GaGers have noticed that it's always the most important llllfyrrrd in a question that is always misspelled?

Spell check anyone?
Read the question before you hit send?


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  • lol yes, I've noticed that on occasion. This morning, for example, there was a question asking if people thought Ryan Golsing was attractive or not. x_x

    • See, that's the other thing.

      Let's say you wanted to come back and find that thread 6 months from now.
      Y'know what? You'll be able to find it INSTANTLY, even if there are 10,000 threads about Ryan Gosling on the site.

      There are upsides to everything, yo.

      Also, YOU can take advantage, too.
      I mean, I've probably made about $5,000 over the last few years by buying stuff that's listed on ebay with things like "Docle" and "Gabanna" in the title, and then just turning around and selling it -- with the words spelled correctly -- for 2-3 times as much.

      Business opportunities everywhere, I tells ya.

    • @redeyemindtricks lol oh my gosh, I suppose you're right. That might work if I remembered about the misspelling of the person in question. :P
      I'm not saying it really bothers me or anything. As long as I can make out what the question says then it's all good, within reason of course.

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  • Depends on your personality, I know it really bugs me, do people not reread what they write before sending? - Like when I am doing a take, it would be about 5 rereads of the whole thing before I think it is clean enough to submit.


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  • Unless the error actually creates confusion, it's a non-issue. Why would anyone care? This isn't exactly the kind of place where formality is of the essence.

    And, I mean, it's pretty freakin' rare for an error to create actual confusion. Context clues, y'all.
    Context is so strong that I don't even NOTICE most spelling errors, until they're actually as bad as the one you wrote up there. True story.

    What you SHOULD be railing against, is these goddamn walls of text, with no line breaks, and almost no punctuation at all.
    That's actually a problem.
    That actually gets in the way of the message.

    • I agree that the infamous "wall of text" creates real problems for understanding.

      I'm aware that words are made clear by context. That idea is embedded in the text of my question.

      I just find it funny that a question can be important to an asker and at the same time be so mishandled by them.

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    • I do almost all work on my smartphone. Every word I type is offered to me as I type it. For longer words, I select the desired choice rather than spell it all out. If I'm unsure of a spelling, I'll enter a close but deliberately misspelled word just to get the corrected option.
      I actually use misspellings to spell the words in my text correctly.
      Different way of thinking, using different tools.

    • Haha I'm still 80-85wpm even on my phone. If there were "suggestions", I wouldn't even perceive them until I was already 4-5 words farther in. My world is permanently stuck on fast-forward. LOL

      I actually switched my phone to the Czech keyboard, because that keyboard actually has the damn keys in a vertical/horizontal grid arrangement. I CANNOT DEAL with the diagonal offset between rows, in the US English iphone keyboard. Cannot handle.
      So, it doesn't suggest words, because it's not supposed to be a keyborad for English.

  • Gosh don't judge, everyone doesn't have all the time in the world to check spellings for something casual like this. Even writers hate proof reading, at least t I do. Although that's true. But updates can be read can't they? We are all human. We all make mistakes. Have a nice day!

  • I remember before when I started there was a spellcheck feature. I really miss that some days.

    • Wow they did? How?

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    • 😧 apples make mistakes? What?


    • All the time. Thank apple for the down votes removal! haha Now all I get is upvotes haha!

  • sorry nkjnfdk I write fast I can't control myself haha! Unless this an English class. hahah

    • hahhahaha LMAO

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    • you just have a great sense of humour... my type of humour hahah

      if ever i felt upset i would come on gag and read your opinions, they would soon cheer me up hahha

    • really? Seriously? NO! lies! I am sure there better funnier people on here!

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  • damn i always type whats on my mind and shit submit, then correct myself later if i really cared that much. most people get the gyst of what im trying to get across lol. if there's something that I never correct, its capitalization and the use of commas and periods, sometimes.

  • GAG does not support the browser';' spell check, so I manually check them before posting! :P

  • memory bias in full effect here

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