Giving time/effort opinions to ANONS... your feelings from their feedback?

  • Results, please
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  • They go ANON to troll from boredom or needing tittilation
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  • They go ANON to troll to "prove" their "superior" IQ, with no ears on
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  • They go ANON to cover up their low IQ
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  • I PREFER ANON questions above all others
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  • Poor ANONS have an embarrassing question, that's all
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  • ANONS are akin to masked robbers, in this case stealing time, energy w/o even a thank you
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  • no opinion

  • Unfortunately, it seems more and more are falling into option C. :-(

    • College professor quote in class: "If I could sell you students for what you think you're worth but buy you for what you're really worth, I'd be a very rich man over these years of teaching college."

    • Well said Asker.

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