What's a good name/title for users that troll and catfish on GaG simultaneously? - #trollfish?

It's the Internet. And all of us here are basically anonymous - even if you have a profile pic, and link to your Facebook - you're still more or less an anonymous person on the Internet, unless you consciously choose not to be. The Internet is full of trolls and catfish - most of which are completely harmless.

What's a good name/title for users that troll and catfish on GaG simultaneously? - #trollfish?
I have no data to support this, but my personal experience tells me that there's a large dempgrpahic of 30-50yo males catfishing as 15-21yo females. Mind you, I'm not saying ALL of them fit this description, nor am I condemming them in any way. I choose to not let them really bother me. A few have blocked me, and I have blocked a few back. And I have a list of quite a few that think that they're fooling (catfishing) me, but I'm very aware that they're not females of my age group. I just let them go on thinking that they've fooled me to see what they will say/do.

Now there are some that troll and catfish at the same time. Quite often, they are Anonymous Pink 18-24yo, but of course, not always. There are plenty of others.

So - what name/title best fits those users? I nominate #trollfish

Anyone have a better one or one that you like to use?


So far @OlderAndWiser has kicked everyone's ass :)
Is it OK to name/tag known catfish or does that violate the TOS? Because I just got anew one that is the one of the weirdest fuckers I've ever had message me. Just curious.


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    Beautifully Done, @CheerGirl38139 xx

    • Thank you for the Like, sweetie... Classier name for catfish, as you wish. xxoo

  • i agree with the terms you used

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