Which aspect of GirlsAskGuys should we focus on improving the most or first?

Which aspect of GirlsAskGuys should we focus on improving the most or first?
Like I said when I introduced myself in the myTake I recently published, my name is Diogo and I'm the Product Manager here at GirlsAskGuys.

We have several ideas and a big list of things to do in order to make your experience even better, so I thought it'd be useful to ask for your help on how to prioritise it.

Just vote or leave an opinion!
  • Community Management - Make it safer and more pleasant
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  • Content - Make it more useful
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  • Design - Make it prettier
    Vote C
  • Gamification - Make it more fun
    Vote D
  • Stability and Performance - Make it faster
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  • User Interface - Make it easier to use
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Wow! Thanks for all the feedback.

The topic of Community Management was brought up many times and we held a meeting yesterday to discuss it internally. We are trying to come up with new policies and possibly some features to address it.

In the meantime, clicking or tapping the three dots on the top right corner of every piece of abusive or toxic content you see and report it is still the best way to help this community and GirlsAskGuys. We will do our best to take a look at all of it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ugh this is a seriously hard choice to make on the poll. I was stuck with either Gamification, Content, User Interface. In the end I voted for Gamification since this website is kind of boring majority of the time.

    I know this is just a website to ask questions for both genders. Majority of the time the questions you see on here are EXTREMELY repetitive and boring as fuck. That or have no idea how the hell you should answer. So that person ends up not having any responses. It would seriously be awesome if this website made it so we could do more fun things but still have it were girls ask guys and guys ask girls. Plus adding a public shout box/chat box would be pretty awesome.

    I don't believe the community management is the most important thing atm. This website is PC as it is. If anything it's WAY too PC and makes this website kind of annoying thanks to that. If you want to try and fix the community. Try to find away were people can only create ONE account. So can only use ONE IP address. i know with warframe if they find out you have another account or play on someone else. You are banned IMMEDIATELY. Still this is the internet so you can't fix the community to the point. Right now besides the IP address thing. I don't think it's possible you could do more. It would just end up ruining this website.

    It seems like y'all have gone crazy with your CSS coding. To make this website all pretty and everything. Screw prettiness for now because it's not that important. This website looks good still.

    I wish y'all would change and fix things like how the people who work on this game called warframe. People will riot and bitch at DE if they fuck up and they actually listen to the people most of the time. Yes they still aren't perfect at fixing certain things. Still they don't PC shit and just listen to what everyone is trying to tell them. Then they actually do something about it.

    • We are definitely trying to listen to all of you and taking your feedback into consideration when planning the next changes. Thanks for your opinion. ;)

    • Something else I just thought of. I don't think people should have a choice on picking what region they are from. That they are stuck picking the true region they are in. Though should have the choice to hide that fact or not.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted B.

    Actually, I have absolutely NO idea how you could ameliorate the content. It's up to users only. Would you mold the guidelines?

    A lot of old users left because they found that the quality of the content is getting bitter day by day. It is the most necessary thing.

    Things I think you should do.
    -Bring back downvotes. (Majority of the users will party)

    -Make the search bar better. Or let us search our own posts in our profile.

    -DO NOT select editor of the week by just the number of clicks/likes/opinions but select them by the originality of the ideas too. They're getting repetitive and generic because of rat race.

    -Bring back "follow" (I know it will)

    -Limit the "how do I look" questions to only 2-3 questions per month. Because a person doesn't change that much in just a month to ask that over and over again. It'll reduce the spamming and the frustration of the users.

    -If there is an animal, toy, machine or anything in "how do I look", it should be removed. It's trolling.

    -Increase the "about me" limit.

    -Direct upload media to opinions

    -Gamification is already here. Please make a separate category for this so that some of us could block it and get rid of popularity contests.

    -When we close the question from feed, it has some scroll effect. Make it YouTube style, because it feels cheap and takes time. If you don't know about this, try expanding a long comment on YouTube videos and try hiding it again.

    -Maybe, guidelines aren't still very strict maybe. I'm not a mod anymore so, I don't know but I read a lot of opinions that you guys are unfair.

    -I know it's impossible to stop a person to make accounts back to back but there may be something you can do.
    ●Automatically freeze account if it's reported by three different normal users.
    ●Automatically freeze account if 5 posts were reported by normal users or m, s mods, in a single day.
    ●Only Xper lv3 users can downvote (so that they'd couldn't misuse the feature and troll. After it's reintroduced)

    -Independent muting of opinions.

    -Automatically add second @mention in new reply if I tap reply on two different replies from two different users.

    There are so many ideas. I'm not ready yet. And it's 12:10 AM here. I'll let you know soon.

    Good luck, GAG team :)

    • I really like the ideas you have in this. However, I fear automatic freezing by normal users like mentioned could cause trolls with multiple accounts to freeze people (kind of like what you said happened with downvotes, but with frozen accounts)

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    • Two more things I want to add:

      -let us select two topics per post. Sometimes I want to post something related to human behaviour but I have option to select only either guy's behaviour or girl's behaviour.
      Or something I want to share a myTake about guys and there's only one sexual point, it'll change my whole myTake from guy's behaviour to sexual behaviour. It'd be better if I'd select both.

      -fix the mobile messaging issue. It's happening since beginning of my time here
      s10. postimg. org/.../... hot_2016_02_10_10_00_26. png

    • @YourFutureEx Can you message me so I can get some information on the bug you're experiencing on mobile messages? Thanks.

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What Girls Said 45

  • Community management hands down. Posts like this should be automatically featured and widely advertised so people don't just see it by chance. Something should be done about all the harassment. And it would be unbelievably lovely if something could done about the repeat accounts. Even if it was just banning them as soon as they're found instead of going through the entire warning and freezing process.

    • same goes for the super obvious trolls accounts that were made only seconds before posting the super obvious troll questions with the super obvious troll usernames lol

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    • :D that's not dark. Plus I accept those messed up things actually happen in the world. Even worse things which I rather never to see those. Even though I know they exist on the internet.

      Honestly you sound more entitled to having everything all rainbows and sunshine. Sadly that isn't reality and the admins can't be relied on if they haven't done something about it. Yet existing for almost 9 years now.

      I have adhd and ASD so of course I don't see people in a normal way. My replies stop on this one. I've already forgotten what my point was to begin with. Along with forgetting majority of the things I said. :D

    • @Mustachekitteh I expect those things because GaG has told us they would provide them. If I go to amazon, I expect to see things I can buy safely because they tell me I can safely purchase them. This is how site agreements work.

  • I picked UI, so that I wouldn't repeat what everyone else has already said. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this site is messy. For the trained eye and the regular user, it's easy to navigate and use. But I see a lot of members being confused, asking questions about specifics that are easy to find under the FAQ section. Maybe make a small walkthrough of the site for new users, highlighting the most used parts of the site and finally redirecting the new user to the FAQ page or something.
    I would also still like to be able to edit my posts. It's annoying to see a typo and having to make a separate comment just to correct yourself, even embarrassing if the typo is crucial, like saying "I do support this" when you meant to say "I DON'T support this". If you're afraid of trolls abusing this system by changing their opinions/questions etc entirely, you can still make sure that we're capable of seeing the original post. You could also have a character limit as to how many characters we're allowed to change in our posts.

    • I personally have UI as one of the top priorities on my list, so I agree with you. We'll address those concerns.

      But we have limited resources and this is an exercise to try to hear from you guys to prioritise that queue of tasks. ;)

    • Sweet. :) I just finished a UX & UI course at school, and my teacher kept highlighting just how important it is for users to feel a sense of familiarity when they enter new websites. If I were a new user, I'd feel reluctant to exploring GAG because of how messy it is haha. Just something to think about!

  • Just don't fix what isn't broken!

    Bring back the downvote option.
    Allow upvotes or downvotes for comments on opinions.
    Some kind of group chat would be great so we aren't getting askers angry by chatting on their questions.
    Personally I feel my takes are given way too many benefits so people just keep pistin takes that literally take 3 minutes to write and are very repetitive.

  • If you really want to create a positive community, you need to come up with a solution to problem users being able to come back basically in perpetuity.

  • I say "Content - Make it more useful" because at the moment there are questions where I'd appreciate being able to see the opinions of others being agreed or disagreed on by readers etc.

    There used to be an up/down vote function and I find answers to my questions less useful without it, because seeing the ups and downs for opinions helped me deduce what was the most agreed/ disagreed with answers.

  • Whats the point of asking this? It's not like they're actually gonna follow through with the suggestions, yet they took the down votes away, which made this site go from 100 to -100

    • Hello, there. I assure you we're paying close attention to all the feedback and will take it into consideration when planning the next changes on GirlsAskGuys. ;)

  • I had a stalker on this site telling me he was going to kill me a few days ago, I would like a bit more safety from threats and harassment.

    • I am very sorry to hear that.

      If things got to the point where your personal security is being threatened, please contact authorities and feel free to message me or any other Admin.

      I assure you we will do our best to cooperate and solve this situation immediately.

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    • @Careless_Whisper lol again, even with freedom of speech there are certain limitations. And sites like gag are allowed to have their own policies in terms of what people can and can't post/say. Yes there is a block feature but that still doesn't mean that people get to say and post whatever they want. There are consequences, such as having your posts removed, your account frozen or getting banned. You're allowed to express your opinion within reason. But gag doesn't allow offensive and antagonistic content. If that offends you, then go to a site that allows such content.

    • @Careless_Whisper just because your posts might have not gotten reported or spotted by mods it doesn't mean that being offensive and antagonistic is allowed.

  • Community management is number 1 through 3 in my book. I don't feel like right now enough is being done to curtail those individuals who harass others. I know a lot of people who go anonymous because they feel they can't even seem to leave an opinion or question in peace without some of these type of people harassing them in the comments from question to question or opinion to opinion. I'm not talking about leaving a comment that is in disagreement either, because no one is going to agree with everything you say, but when its to the point where someone is making sexist, racist, or homophobic remarks, and cursing at an individual because they disagree, that makes GaG feel less like a community at all. Everything beyond that is to me extra and maybe a bit too much extra. If you can get your question or take across, poll, get comments back, and leave feedback... that is essentially GaG... throwing *ahem* more hearts at it, doesn't make it any more effective for the purposes of the site.

    • I have never experienced these kind of remarks... I don't know how common it is, but it doesn't seem like these rude people are everywhere like some people think... I can browse hundreds of questions and mytakes without seeing anything really mean, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.

      I just feel like this gets blown out of proportion is all. Obviously it's still very important to make sure none of those comments make it on this site, but ultimately they can't make those people not post... reactive not proactive, plus a nice and timely comment removal and banning process are pretty much the only things I see them being able to do without impacting the site negatively.

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    • @Careless_Whisper You might want to take a look at your actual constitutional rights when it comes to freedom of speech because they absolutely do not allow people to use hate speech or to harrass people. In addition, when you sign up for websites like GAG you sign a little contract that says such a website is allowed to monitor what exactly is put on its website by its members so if you really felt you needed freedom of speech to the extent that you WANT people to be able to harass people and use hate speech, you probably shouldn't have signed up for GAG or any other social media site.

    • The problem is who gets to decide what hate speech is? I could say something offensive and you could say it's hate speech. At the end of the day I refuse to be bullied by you people who want to police people's freedom of speech. Interesting how it's mostly women who have a problem with free speech.

  • this is all great but id seriously love live notifications, live messaging and group chats most.
    makes things so much easier.

    • The site used to have those features a few years ago. They were provided by a third party service called meebo which was shut down after being purchased by Google. GAG chose not to pursue alternatives because moderation was too problematic.

    • @WeaponZero yeah I've heard users talking about that. seems so awesome. why can't they find another alternative?

  • Community management please. I've been harassed on here constantly by the same users and when their accounts are removed they come back and do it again. You guys should tackle down more on these people. Also please bring back the downvote algorithm.

    • I think GAG should ban IP addresses. That would mean that if a user kept making new accounts they would be stopped on that phone, ipad, laptop etc. I know people can just use another device but I still think it would help. I mean there is only so many devices a person has access to.

  • I would say community management is the one to tackle. So many people get harassed by the same users and it's not enough to simply shut down their account, there should be a way of banning the user's IP or something (I'm not technical enough to know about this, but I've been on sites where that's happened so I assume this can do it too?) so that they can't just create a new account and start harassing again. Same goes for users who post duplicate questions constantly (like the guy a while ago who wanted us to rate him on facial aesthetics and didn't want to be genetically inferior) or people who keep reposting purposefully antagonistic questions.

    I'm always gonna ask for the downvote option back too :P


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    • @DBAOracle lol.. it's hard to throw ur own code away.. yea i look at the amount of code i wrote whenever i make a quick edit.. and i'm still baffled.. from the html to the storedprocs. now writing code bores me to death. couldn't pay me enough to do it.

      but back then it was fun, wasn't like work

    • @orphan Haha, I still love writing code. I enjoy server-side stuff though, not so much when it comes to client-side; different browsers, different resolutions, all these buttons, jQuery stuff.. etc.

  • What annoys me is that the linking pictures in comments seems to be broken half the time

    • That is annoying. We're working to fix that soon. Permanently if possible. ;)

  • faster would definitely be nice.

    bring back downvoting! I don't really care how everything looks. I enjoy the holiday themes.

    make better efforts to delete ALL racist posts, instead of just certain types.

  • I think you guys should make it more fun, and faster would be better.

    • i came up with another idea. u guys should make an app for girlsaskguys to make it easier for users on their phones. it would also expand gag's audience. so thats my idea hope you guys consider it.

    • We're working on that app. It should be available soon! ;)

    • Really? Sounds great! Ill be one of the first to download it 😊

  • I miss the community aspect. There used to be so much more interacting! Bring back the down vote button... on the Internet freedom of speech is important even if it means it's negative

  • Make the amazon gift cards available for us down under!!

    I could get it three times over now but it's not available to me!

    Otherwise it doesn't bother me. Everything I didn't like has more or less been fixed.

  • Please bring back the down vote option
    Please do not give promote or feature anon users
    Please lower the xper point goal for Amazon cards. I think that it is too high
    Just some suggestions

  • Bring back Follow question/MyTake, and/or dislike button :)

  • I'm a warrior queen and I demand justice.

    -Ban all racists, sexists, anti-feminist harassers. They harass us and hurt our feelings. Bring a feature that bans them automatically.

    -Ban all the men who talk about sexual harassment like it's not the biggest issue in our societies. whenever they talk about economic problems like it's the most important thing in the world, they hurt us.

    -Ban all the people who defend gun ownership. They're from ancient rapey times and it hurts us to see humanity is still not progressive.

    -Bring mandatory online consent classes to the site

    I know these are hard, but nothing is impossible, brother.

    Do these for humanity's sake. I am very concerned about humanity on the whole.

    • "Warrior Queen"

      Almost spit out my coffee in laughter

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    • @PT1911 It is not for the laughs brother. My sword and shield are raised and I am ready in my shiny armor. My sword is a dildo, my shield is the State, my armor the money of the tax payer.

      @YourFutureEx Of course I am serious. Who do you think I am brother? An anti-feminist gun-loving conservative cis scum? Never.

    • LOL this was quite possibly the best satirical troll po-- *ahem,* I mean proposition-of-justice-by-a-warrior-queen post I've seen in a long time 😂

  • i say content. i would like to see more interesting and useful articles.

  • I say A, B and D.
    The last option really isn't that necessary because it's already so easy to use. =)


  • I voted B for content.
    You see so many questions about racism - usually wrongly accused - while other controversial topics in our society are deemed too serious for GaG and deleted with no further warning. Who gets to decide such things?

    The disappearence of the dislike button is another example. Why are we forced to be all positive and happy like we are in a circus and engage in direct confrontation if we want to express our dislike for something? It's more like we're told to just shut up because people can't handle being disagreed with.
    Seriously, there's so much PCness on this site it's not even healthy!

    If you want to make it right, you should encourage people to speak up when they notice someone is being downvoted by trolls or haters, but you just remove the button assuming that is the source of all evils and that it will solve the problem.
    Not to say there aren't many disturbed people around, but are catering to them?

  • PLEASE, delete that AWFUL ad with the eye disease. It's super disgusting and visually traumatizig

  • Make it more fun. Maybe you could add like games where we can earn xper from? After a while this site can get really boring

  • Stability and performance.

    I can't tell you how many times I've had to refresh or restart my computer or phone because of this site 😳..

  • Bring back the dislike button duh!!!

  • Design is all the place and keeps changing. Too much to settle on I guess so figure that out later

  • Why can't there be an i. p. Ban for that user? Esp the trolls here.

    • I would like to see a troll police team here monitoring jonathandoe aka namisbabe and poll guy 😂

  • Make it more useful.
    I also like to see better prizes for xper points

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What Guys Said 60

  • Here's my ideas as far as features goes:

    -- Fixing the search bar like mentioned. Many posts don't show up when you use it. It becomes more effect to use google at that point.

    -- Adding a self-user search. I'd like to be able to look through my own opinions/mytakes/questions instead of individually scrolling down a hundred times with a "see more button."

    -- Automatic scrolling down to bottom of no opinion section. This is the only way I can see GAG ever being able to clear out the stock pile of no opinion questions. It simply isn't possible to get to the bottom by scrolling. I spent an hour one time just doing that and never reached it.

    -- Bring back downvotes for xper 2 or 3 and above. Yahoo Answers does something like this (I recall building my point level on there lol) and it seems to work.

    BASICALLY, I agree with @yourfutureex and his post pretty much entirely. I would keep writing things, but it'd be easier just to read his post 😅

    -- Fix the posting picture bug that currently is going around. I'm not able to post more than one picture of my dogs on any one opinion haha

    -- Be more stingy when it comes to featuring stuff. Also, make sure the editors are posting quality things. I see many that do post plenty of quality mytakes, but then I see users that post kind of pointless lists of things that offer no advice nor benefits (I have some in mind but don't want to call the person out).

    • Hey,
      Can't you just press "end" to scroll down to the bottom?

    • @YourFutureEx Well I mean, I'm sure there is a button to hit on a keyboard that will auto scroll down to the bottom of the page... However, that would only go until the "show more" buton, which would then load a few more results.
      The issue with the show more button thoigh is that the big O of the no opinion section isn't constant. That is, the more results you open up, the longer time it takes for each load. Just keep scrolling down and you'll see what I mean. It will eventually crash your browser with the process time.

      What I am wanting is basically a seperate-by-date button, where I can look at the oldest no opinion questions first (that I wouldn't be able to get to otherwise).

    • Yes I understand. :)

  • Wow... Look at all the whiney crybabies...

    Listen kids, it's the internet, if you're so easily offended you really should not spend any time on any websites that allow anybody to post stuff. My god people, you have every right to he offended, you DO NOT have the right to censor people because you don't like what they have to say. There's a block feature for a reason.

    The best thing GAG admin can do to improve the website? Tell everybody to grow a pair or get out.

    • All this coming from the guy who gets away with calling people assholes under current management practices...

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    • I'm more than sure. It was a prolonged discussion. Maybe they just deleted it. I don't know.

    • @BellePepper nope, nothing of mine was removed from that question, I am 100% positive of this and you're even welcome to check with the admins about it if you'd like.

  • 1. Repair navigation by restoring filters when the Back button is hit. (Use a cookie or something.) For instance, I got to Questions then filter on Girls. I select a question and open its page and answer it. I want to go back to Questions. If I select Questions from the drop down menu, I get both sexes with the filter gone. If I hit the Back button (which I usually do), again, the filter is gone. Enormous pain in the ass to have to start again.
    2. Bring back age filtering.
    3. When you answer a question, go back to the previous page, not Recommended Questions.

    Seriously, if Steve Jobs was still alive and saw the navigation and filtering behavior of this website he'd be yelling and then firing people. Since he's dead, he has to spin in his grave.

    Enable a user to select more than one category for a question (maybe a maximum of 2 or 3). For instance, last week I saw a question that was in Health but moved to Sex Health. It had nothing to do with sex, per se, but was a medical issue with genitalia. It was appropriate for that question to be in both categories.

  • Get rid of the mods' monthly quota of 10 (or 20 for ubers) deletions, and gift cards for the biggest loser that reports the most lol

  • I think A. Community Management. I find the way GAG removes men's comments vs women's comments sexist. I see women post offensive things that never get removed and then find a man will post something that is not even half as bad and it is taken down in minutes. I would like to see the same rules applied to women.

    • I also see people getting harassed by the same users. I think GAG should be banning IP addresses. Maybe the first time your account gets banned and then the second time the IP address, meaning that phone or laptop or whatever is banned from GAG.

  • Community management. Period.

    There's a lot of antagonistic stuff here, tons of trolling. This site used to have a pretty clear identity. The name of the site suggests a place for discussion and greater understanding, but there are daily political diatribes and flame wars now.

    I'd love to see the anonymous feature done away with. It's overwhelmingly used for trolling rather than for its intended purpose.

  • My issue has always been some of the users here, who always resort to the typical name calling of homophobia, xenophobia, intolerant, bigot etc all because I take a more conservative stance on things.

    That's nothing GaG can fix obviously. But I'm putting it out there since this is feedback time

  • Being able to edit a post is critical... maybe I missed it but I can't find how?

    Being able to bump posts would be nice, even if it's just once..

    • also being able to delete a question is something that would be nice...

    • You can't currently edit a post or delete it. We're considering those. ;)

  • I think it's time to give a filter option to filter out anonymous posts.
    These people post repetitive questions, give half details and don't even reply to our opinions.
    And one more thing i'd like to suggest is to promote the search feature. The old GAG community members have left invaluable amount of questions and answers (what they were called back then). Instead of trying to search, people just ask a new question.

  • Topics die too quickly. You need to weight questions by the time posted *and* the amount of activity surrounding the question when ordering them for display. Also, there are too few categories -- another reason questions are washed away before people have a chance to read them..

  • How about a mobile app? Web interface is okay, but an app with all of the bells and whistles would be incredibly useful. Notifications!

  • i've included a screenshot to point out the quirks, with explanation.

    some of the details i focus on may seem trivial, but together, they add up making the process of reading and /writing comments unpleasant at times.

    1: the login box. i have to click three times just to get to the textboxes where i can enter my email/pw. yes i know i can stay signed in, if i use the same device and don't delete my cookies. often i don't even bother signing on cuz it's a chore. it's should be one click away. signing in should be the easiest thing to do! oh, and on low resolution the floating sign in box can't be scrolled into, hiding the links. (same goes for the top menu, can't be scrolled right since it floats.

    2. the readability/ease of use in the comments/opinions becomes a mystery when a string of replies are tacked on. whomever is in charge of design, doesn't use the site; and it shows. this place is riddled w/ instances of form over function which leads to confusion.

    3. even this textbox is has issues... the SEND IT button should be positioned near the end of user input. it couldn't be further away. consequently it narrows the textbox, limiting what's visible of what's been typed already. including my avatar to the left of the box serves no purpose... and once again adds to confusion since avatars are seen more often in front of posted opinions. it should be to the left of "Have an opnion?"... and most importantly this textbox should expand 100% to the left and right... t the very least to the right.. just unjustifiable bad design. this is what happens when the designers hardly use the site, thus they end up designing stuff to look pretty to their eyes. when it should be user friendly and functional for the actual regular users and new users.


    • err.. SEND IT button should be renamed to submit and positioned below the textbox like this one. once again... INCONSISTENT.

  • I suppose what @9mfeo brought up in the MyTake you posted.

    other than that, making it faster is always a plus.

  • Prioritized:
    - Get rid of some of the ads; especially the creepy ones and those ones that automatically scroll your screen down (these are very annoying when typing)
    - Bring back the down-vote
    - Return the comments section to how it was, like, a month ago. I seriously hate the constant changes, i just got used to having to "@" sign people for them to see the comment and what-not.
    - Wait to remove racist or offensive questions until i rip the user who posted it a new one :)
    - Increase the age. Especially for the "How do i look" section.
    - Feature myTakes and questions that are actually important. Not just the ones that dont require any serious opinion.

    • Hi, @NedfromtheNed. Whenever you encounter such an ad, please take a screenshot and send it to us. Or even via a personal message to me. We'll be happy to look into it with our advertising partners.

    • Will do. To clarify, you mean the creepy ones, correct?
      The ones that automatically scroll you down are not for shady businesses.

  • Some personalization would be fine. Blue and pink is fine but then again it sucks.
    A very simple option to choose a different color scheme would be fine. I need everything in black, brown and gold/yellow.

  • This site will never amount to anymore than a lonely ant fart, unless we introduce cash and valuable prizes to the mix! C'mon! It's become known in some circles as the place where dreams go to die! Extreme measures must be taken.

    • Do you need A NEW CAR! palek?

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    • I like the way you think, Palek ;)

    • @lumos: great minds...

  • All that I could suggest has probably been said or asked many times already.. but to be able.. if only for an hour or so to edit a post weather it be a question, my take, or an opinion.. you still cannot delete the post it self.. but if errors were made say on the spelling, or the person that replied first read it wrong then replied and realized right away.. oh oh what did I do.. I do like the reply back to the asker.. but some would just like to fix up the original post

  • Content. And a few extra exclusive categories for psychology and gaming. @YourFutureEx might be your man if you want a sitrep.

  • The ammount of sh*ty/useless mytakes i've been seeing in the last few months is staggering. I honestly don't know how this can be improved since its caused by the community and its not under your control :p

  • I'd have to go with "Gamification - Make it more fun". Although I wonder what you exactly meant by that and what you would actually plan to do to really make it more "fun".

  • filter out stupid and redundant questions. 90% of the questions are the same copy pasta shit. do guys like tall girls? do girls like huge penises (peni?)? does every guy cheat on girls? do all women go for guys with the most money?

    • also, if you want to make certain things more positive, get rid of being able to ask anonymous questions regarding certain things.

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    • @VirginiaBeachBum that won't unfortunately because they ask the same thing for weeks or months on end. I don't know if it's spam or what. but you can theoretically get rid of it by getting rid of anonymous and then having a limit on how many times it's asked in a given period and if it exceeds it, it'll be marked as spam and the account will be suspended and deactivated.

    • that's how i see it working, anyways

  • Here is what I am proposing:

    -Bring back dislikes. That was a great feature. I like to know when I am wrong and when I am right... I like to see opinions

    -Users should also have the ability to delete their comments.

  • -Fix the issue with links, for some reason if I try to post more than one link they will be messed up. This never used to happen before.

    -Bring back downvotes or dislikes

    -bring back the feature that allowed us to follow/bookmark questions that we liked

    -Supposedly we used to be able to rate question from 1-5 stars, I think it would be cool if that was brought back

    -Make it easier to search for old questions and allow us to filter the site feed by age.

    -Maybe more customization options for profiles such as backgrounds, colored text or embedding youtube videos.

    -Being able to click on links sent through pm would be nice too

    -Also the master emblem should be a different color, like purple.

    • Cool.

      Rating questions won't help the community. People will do favoritism and would probably won't rate at all because a lot of users are after Xper points. But hey, you can like the questions if you found them good/appealing.

      Master should kept golden because it the colour of achievement.

      Other suggestions are great. :)

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    • If it happened, I will donate an Amazon gift card to every user who is following me.

    • LOL you followed me :D
      Well, I'm a man of my words. Believe!

  • B
    Ability to weed out questions to consider worth your time
    A) BY AGE
    B) BY ANON
    C) BY SEX
    Ability to BLOCK ANONS after you've "had enough" of them w/o Reporting them

  • Biggest improvement would be increasing the number of users who actively read and participate. Honestly it seems to be (at most) roughly the same 100 names that come up 90+% of the time. If instead of 100 it were 500 or 1000, GAG would probably be a richer, more interesting place.

    Might be a nice move to actually welcome new users, warmly (rather than simply inform them of policies or whatever). Unless things have changed since I joined, new users are normally welcomed only by one or two other users--if they are welcomed at all.

  • I would vote A and B but I don't think it is the site's fault per se - You cannot control the people who use it - Even if there was agreement among what users think is suitable and useful, I think it is impossible to police - To me C, D, E and F are cosmetic issues that can be sorted anytime - They can be improved to make site more user friendly - In reality you could probably vote for all six.
    I think for a lot of the Users, a mobile app is needed - It is very hard to navigate the site using a phone.

    • I totally agree, an IOS and android app are long overdue. It would definitely increase the site usage simply on curiosity of typical Appstore user download habits.

  • Im pretty much an edit activist so naturally I would say the ability for a user to edit his/her opinion/question. #JustSayin

  • A will just ruin the site! It will ensure that only 1 view point feels welcome and everyone else will leave the site.

  • I would vote for Stability and Performance but not necessarily for making it faster. There's a bug that kind of bothers me in which I PMed the admin about it but never got a reply so far.

  • There should be a randomizer or a way to disable questions you've answered
    That way you won't be stuck looking at the same questions all the time

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