Why do some users on here keep mentioning me over and over even though I do not reply? I find it Does this happen to you?

On my old account I had a guy do this even though I read his mention and I never replied. He continued to mention me and when I asked him why he said it is because I did not respond. I told him that it's not my job to respond immediately just because you mention me.

Some users on here have like abandonment issues or are psycho or something but on my new account it is happening still.

I will have one user mentioning me in the same post like 4 tines even though I read the first reply.

For some reason when I do not respond the users I encounter seem to think that mentioning me a shit load of times is supposed to make me want to respond more

I just feel like some users are abusing the mention feature by mentioning me in the same post over and over and it encourages me to block them

Keep in mind this is not multiple users mentioning me once, this Will be one user who decides to mention me 5 times on the SAME POST.

It's annoying. I wish gag would limit the number of times that a user can mention each user on Each post


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