Gagers:What should I do a mytake on next?

I kinda want to do a auto maintenance mytake on little things you can do to keep your car in check. I also want to do some Easter/Spring recipes also. @EmpatheticLady @Ginnyweasley97 @justbanannaz @questionman @Charismatic110 @Azuregirl any ideas


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  • Maintenance on how to keep your car in check sounds good. Things like checking and changing the engine car oil, filling up coolant, checking the windscreen water tank, making sure brake lights work etc That would be cool.
    Maybe you can dedicate a whole a Mytake on how to change a car tyre (tire) lol
    Also an Easter Mytake is pretty cool, so anything festive for that day would be awesome aswell

    • Yes i will include all of that and how to check tire pressure and treads

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    • Keep in mind though this will be in the perspective of an American car owner so the words will be different lol

    • That's ok smahala! Haha I can figure it out 😬

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  • The auto maintanance one would be something different from you, so that might be cool.

  • Both of those are good ideas but I would go with auto maintance because that will be something different

    • I think so too. I. Bought a car a couple weeks ago so a Auto maintenance mytake would be good

  • ST. PATRICK'S DAY is just around the Corner, @smahala1991 so it Might be a Nice idea to Spice up Life with a Bit of the *Irish.
    Good luck and Good Cooking. xx


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