Why are there so many insecure people on GAG?

Maybe I'm just overreacting but I know I'm not the best looking or have the best body. But I was never that insecure to take half naked pics and upload them on social media to ask if I'm dateable or not. Like, c'mon it was never that serious.
And to be honest, most of the people that have asked a question like that wasn't even bad looking, so I'm wondering why they even felt the need to ask?

Are you so into yourself that u need someone to compliment you every five minutes just to feel good?
Did you have a bad experience in your life that makes you use your body in order to ask about getting dates, or if you're worth having sex with?

Like, what the heck is wrong with people?

I've literally seen BBW (big beautiful woman) who were super confident with themselves but never posted online to ask others opinions. Than you have skinny twigs with a nice little six packs, whose like, "Am I pretty enough to get a date?" "Is my body sexy enough to have sex with"?
"Do you guys think I'm pretty"?

Yes, your beautiful. You body is nice. But that self esteem is too low. And using your body to gain some is not going to work. Have some morals.


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  • Anyone feeling (even a little) depressed and lonely goes through a period of self examination. The focal question is "will anyone ever want me?" So they go through a period of questioning asking about boobs, dick size, ass, back acne, 'rate me,' weight, shaving below, swallowing vs spitting, six-pack abs, circumcision . . . . and on and on.

    I'm not immune from this line of self questioning. But I don't dwell there. My own self worth comes not from others' opinions but from my faith that tells me I am a child of "the King," "fearfully and wonderfully made" "in His image" and I'm of immeasurable worth. Were I the only person alive He would still have gone to the cross for me. I strive daily (often only feebly) to live the life He unfolds before me.

    Knowing I'm His and He has my back, I can go about life with full confidence in any situation.


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  • Yep, that's what I think, so I just blocked that category.

    • U can do that? How? And what category is that?

    • Go to topics page.
      They have option for blocking and in following topics.

      I blocked How Do I Look, Sexual Health and Sexual Behaviors.

      Sometimes I would still see questions like that but that's due to some users posting their Q's in the wrong category.
      I just ignore the question

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  • I have an awful lot of doubts around the How Do I Look section - I agree there are people like you say and on another side you have people say be blunt, don't sugar coat but I believe since you are dealing with peoples' feelings so I end up looking at the soft landing option.
    (1) If they are attention whores so be it they have wasted 30 seconds of my time but if it is a person needing a bit of affirmation, it is a good thing.
    (2) The second group I will always try to get a positive truthful answer across just in case the person is sensitive.
    In all honesty even if 90% are bluffers, I see no need to destroy the 10% of genuine cases and their self esteem any further by saying they are looking for attention or not up to much. I always cite the example of when I was on here one evening and a 14 year old had to get her father to write an update asking people to back off.

  • First off, this is a very insecure post.

    Why do they affect you so much. Someone secure in themselves wouldn't need to talk down about anyone. Understand that they are insecure and try and help them realize that looks will only boost a certain part of their confidence by marginalizing their ignorance. Don't cast them out. They're acceptance addicted.

    I share this with you to open your perspective; up to you what you do with it.

    • Actually you're wrong, this is not an insecure post.

      Attention seekers are extremely annoying. And that's what these girls are. They know they're pretty, they just can't go 5 minutes without someone telling them. Yes it is an insecure thing, however asking online is not a fix, it's a temporary high, akin to drugs.

      They need help, and should probably have some sympathy, but damn, they're annoying.

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    • No, I understand what your trying to say. They're asking for opinions, I'm complaining about them asking for opinions, someone's complaining about me caring why they want opinions. It's a never ending cycle.
      No hard feelings!! ☺️

    • You're*

  • "have some morals" said the girl who doesn't even know how many people she's slept with.

    • 😂😂😂😂Lol... When u assume, u make an ass out of yourself!!!

      Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm actually married to the person I lost my virginity to. ☺️☺️ And I'm very proud of it!!!

  • BBW is an oxymoron

  • Not all cases, but -most- of those posting rate me pics, at least the girls, know they look pretty good and are looking for reassurance. Yes, their self esteem is sort of low, but not THAT low, they have some idea they will get praise, but aren't 100% sure.


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