Soo gag blocked my question asking if anyone wants to chat?

But asking if putting your weiner in a apple pie is GAG approved?


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  • Those types of questions are considered spam and against the rules. You can look and see what the rules are here though

    I'd advise against sticking your wee wee in an apple pie though. It'd ruin the pie.


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  • Some of the moderators on here are idiots

    • moderators don't report posts based on their own personal beliefs. If you wish, you could read the guidelines for posts to which mods adhere to in terms of what is hidden-

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    • that would qualify as spam-
      Posts that are created for the sole purpose of advertising themselves, their posts, or a product are considered Spam. Also, posts that solicit members in any fashion are considered Spam. Often these come from new members who have nothing better to do than mess with people for their own entertainment. We usually cancel the member to keep these antics to a minimum.
      Example: “Friend me!” “Chat with me!” “Here’s my kik!”

      Posts that should be hidden with this reason:
      --opinions that repeat another user's opinion
      --copy/paste content from other sites
      --short, unhelpful opinions that lack relevancy
      --posts only advertising a product or link
      --Posts only asking for others to chat/message.

    • @kaylaS91 I suppose. Still the logic is somewhat strange, but then again gag isn't marketed as a "chat/friend finder" app

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  • The moderators, even though I just ripped them about the downvote button's removal, aren't perfect. Things slide by them.

    • They do the best that they possible can with that can of stuff. They can't possibly catch everything.

  • Unfortunately asking to chat counts as spamming - It always seemed a strange rule to me.

  • Yep, sexual behavior. Fucked up world we live in. Lol

  • Negged

  • I wish they wouldn't moderate this site so much. Some of these troll threads people make are pretty funny.

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