Why do so many indian men catfish?

I have been using this site for a little while now and a few men occasionally contact me and thats totally fine, i like talking to different people and whatever but i also like them to be completely truthful, you're not going to woo anyone by pretending to be someone else. so why do so many people catfish ffs, and they are usually indian men. i'm sick of it. i don't mind indian men AT ALL it's just annoying as fuck when they pretend to be some 10/10 cool d00d from the country next door.

rant over. stop cat fishing, be yourself.

by the way 99% of the time i can tell they're indian from the way they type


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  • Not all Indian guys do this. Small portion of the population do but since India has over a billion people and no internet censorship like in China, you'll find many creeps like that. The higher the population, the higher number of creeps. And many of these Indian guys are aware that girls in foreign countries don't find brown or dark Indian guys to be attractive so they catfish. Usually, these guys are from a rural area where if a guy tells a girl he likes her, he's bound to get slapped by the girl or beat up by her family members for telling her that.

    • I'm aware of that and I don't hold a grudge against indian guys for it because I know some nice ones irl. it's just a shame because it ruins it for the small percentage who are genuine :/ I feel bad for all the normal indian men.

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    • no trust me it's really not about the tall, buff guy light skin guy i've seen literally loads of mixed couples my age, it's quite normal here :)

    • A lot of Indians and South Asians in general are rich in countries like US and UK so it's not hard for a lot of guys to find a date. Girls from what I've observed aren't really attracted to us much and even if they are, they'll associate us with our stereotypes so we're bound to get rejected anyways unless we can compensate by being either really light skinned, tall, rich, or buff. South Asian girls don't have any problem with dating guys though. I've been to UK and I've seen how rich a lot of Indians are over there.

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  • Because they're creeps lol

    • Thank for MHO

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  • "Not all are like this"This phrase doesn't seen to work anymore... but I am sorry on their behalf anyway.
    I dont catfish and I am Indian.
    I dont pretend to be a hot european guy at all, why would I? Pretending won't solve any of my problems.
    I have my pics in my profile pics and cover page and I always try to to as much real and genuine as possible. I rarely go anonymous.
    I am sorry on the behalf of all my fellow members once again.
    Best of luck.
    *hides face and cries in the corner*

  • whoaa whoaaaa

    your use of "d00d"

    you talkina bout me? XD

  • I actually heard about this. You can google search this and you'll find tons of stories of Indian men trying to catfish women.

    Why do they do it? I don't know.

  • what do want to actually mean

  • Indians, and to a much greater degree, Turks are the rudest people on the internet.

    • never been troubled by turks tbh, but this is what happens when people from super conservative countries discover the internet

  • Because in india sex before wedding is not possible & having a girlfriend is tough. so only guys were more sexual.

    • getting a girlfriend wouldn't be so tough if you stop stalking foreign girls on the internet

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    • But these were mostly in rual sides of India.

    • i don't care just stop lol get a real girlfriend, break your 100 year old rules

  • U so sexy evn tho u anon, message me bby

    Lol I'm assuming that's how they type :P

    • lol exactly,
      hello bbz u so sxy i hve no vowlz on my kybrd, only 'o' x

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    • woooooooow sounds... intense but idm ;)))

    • Lol I'm going to stop before you try to marry me again xD

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