What have you gained from your experience at GirlsAskGuys?

Do you think the website has successfully fulfilled its mission or stated purpose or founder's purpose?
Do you think you know what people of the opposite gender like or are like?
How do you think GirlsAskGuys can be improved in terms of repairing the miscommunication between people of different genders?


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  • I made a good friend and have also benefited from reading the opinions of certain users whose opinions I really respect.

    I've learned some kind of depressing things about dating dynamics but in the end its probably better that I know so that I can prevent myself from getting screwed over.

    I think they should improve the search bar so that its easier to look up old questions and filter them based on: keywords, topics, age of poster, date posted etc.. That is my number one complaint.

  • It's the best such forum, with little censorship. I wish they had a reasonable age limit; having people under 16 tends to defeat the purpose of the site


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