Why is it when a man on this site pours his heart out, women don't care?

I mean some guys don't care either, but women either ignore you or change the subject to how evil men (like the asker) are.

Should we just change the name to Girls Bash Guys? I get the same thing IRL, Ladies, the next time you are on here bitching about why we men don't open up more, it because of you! Whenever we do we are "less manly" or seen as "just another man who cheats/hates on women."!


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  • Women have a choice on whether or not to bitch and complain about everything. Which they will bitch about everything. This is why I don't hang out with women; ever.
    But you, as a man, have the choice to bitch and complain about the women who bitch and complain OR walk away from the toxic, negative women and find someone better. This site is made up of negative shit stains who do nothing but hate on literally everybody. Men and women both do it. You have a choice to be a follower and be just like those people or make your own path and be a leader.


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  • -> men being sad losers is frowned upon. Society views them as worthless. Sad women are picked up and coddled at least if they're under 35 or so. After that they start getting treated more like males.

    -> women are presumed to be emotional and not mean what they say. So if a woman says 'all men are jerks', people write it off as her being 'emotional'. If a many says 'all women are bitches' it's assumed he truly means it and is a horrible misogynist.

    -> if you make a fake account and claim to be a miserable heartbroken 13 year old male, you'll get sympathy from adult women. It's just that adult men are expected to be emotionally strong, or they're garbage.


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  • ... In most of the questions I've seen where men were 'pouring their hearts out', it'd generally be them telling us about how a girl turned them down. Didn't express mutual interest, etc..

    But they'd finish up the rant with calling the girl a complete, self-centered bitch and saying that all women are evil.

    The second part generally makes it tough for myself, and many other women, I'd imagine, to express any empathy.

    • Sorry you met so many trolls, but that is no excuse for treating all men like crap!

    • ... I never said men who do that should be treated like crap. They just shouldn't be surprised if women don't receive them too positively if they just finishing completely damning all females to the depths of hell because they're feeling bitter about one incident.

  • If pouring you're heart out means
    Calling a woman a slut (because she didn't wasn't to sleep with you), a bitch (because she rejected you), a whale (because she's not skinny) or stupid or ugly...
    Then all women are going to hate you and not give a shit about what you have to say.
    Now if a woman cheated on you, insulted you for no reason, physically abused you, or was rude to you to put you down THEN we care to listen.

    • See ignorrant post like "all men do this so we are justified in treating them like shut" is why we desperately need the downvote back.

    • You totally missed the point. Fucking congratulations.

  • what Anonymous girl said... she's right, most men just bash on women and how we dont care about your feelings.. we do, just like we want you men to care about ours.

    • Funny I was going to say the same thing about women.

  • Because often when guys 'pour their heart out' it's something super misogynistic and hateful. Do guys appreciate hateful things said by a woman? No? Then why should we comfort a man that is acting bitchy as hell? I get it that they are hurt and lonely etc. but it isn't our duty to comfort these guys. There is a difference between: "I feel liie I'm not good enough for any woman and they don't really care about me :( " and: " FUCKING WOMEN JUST CARE ABOUT MONEY, THEY ARE BITCHES AND CUNTS, I WILL RAPE THEM BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT ME"
    I see the latter way more often.

    • See what I mean a man asks a question and the feminist are already saying I am a hateful misogynist... Im not the hatteful one you are!

    • I never said you are. It seens you are the hateful one as you immediately scream I am an angry feminist when I never said anything about you.

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