How do I get rid of the message "Congratulations! You have posted 20 Opinions.."?

It's starting to get on my nerves and I haven't found a way to disable this notification


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  • Lol, same here!
    But I don't think you can disable it.


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  • Yeah I get that too. Just delete it from your messages, it only takes 5 seconds.

    • That's the thing... it just shouldn't arrive. Heck, I should only get posts from admins if I've done something extremely terribly - like making the most horrible question of the millenium (I kid, but you get my drift).

      It's annoying to see that icon; I'm going to try my best to ignore it, even though it piles up like crazy, so I'll never see the post warning me that the KBG and FBI are coming over to my house to shoot up my computer because of the must horrible question of the millenium.

    • I get what you mean as it can be irritating!

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