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Hey everyone but I'm sorry to say I'm leaving GAG. I may be on in the future (and I won't deactivate my account) but I'm going to be on an impermanent haitus. If anyone wants to stay in touch just message me on here within the next few days and we can figure out a way. Thank you all. :)


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  • Aww sorry to see you go. Well, in any case, I wish you the best on whatever life takes you to wherever that may be!


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  • Good luck, @SweetHomicidalQueen
    It seems with the untimely "Passing" of @Ashely_princess leaving GAG as well, Everyone has a Reason of their own Season.
    I wish you the best and God bless, sweetie, and sad to see you go, you know.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you very much and I have quite a few reasons.

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    • @Applefan1 be my Guest. xxoo

    • Thank you so much, @SweetHomicialQueen for the Vote of Confidence and I will surely miss seeing a familiar and popular face around GAG Town.. Good luck, sweetie:((xx

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