Why can't people on here stop comparing male and females?

It's seriously so annoying. Every day there is just stupid questions which always compare Male or Females or one being biased against the other.

"Girls rule the world, don't you agree" (this post was deleted earlier, thank you moderators :)

"I'm a male feminist, what do you think" I know this guy could be legit but seriously he's trying to cause one million arguments. I know I'm only referencing one question here but there are probably tonnes of questions similar to this. He wants a reaction because it's "funny".

"Why are men ugly and women beautiful" This is the dumbest question ever. If your a man who is straight then your not going to be attracted to males. If you're a female who is straight then you will find men attractive.

"Whos the better gender" Both genders have their positives and negatives. There is no need for people to keep repeating the same stupid questions.

"Men are the worst thing to walk on this Earth" Just why?

"Why do I hate girls so much" Because you're bisexual? because your homosexual?

"Why are men screwed up these days?" Yep sorry I didn't know you knew every single man in the world. Same thing goes for guys.

Also these double standard bullshit posts. For the most part, men and woman are pretty much equal in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, England etc.

"Why do married men cheat" Sorry I didn't know married women are all perfect and it's always men.
What happened to the time when everybody respected each other?

Stop with all this bullshit. It would make this site 100 times better if people stopped this. This is just my opinion.

Think about your questions before you post rubbish.

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  • Maybe they have nothing else going on in their lives, so they try to drag others. Or they are trying to rile people up. I just scroll on down if there is an annoying question.

    • Yeah i wish i did that too but i usually just get pissed off lol.

    • Well that's not good. :( Hopefully you can find other questions that won't piss you off.

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  • aaaamen

  • Complaining about it is just as bad as doing it

    • I'm trying to make people who do this read the question and description to make sure they know how stupid they look and to stop.

    • They won't. They post it because it gets them attention as soon as you put one genders better than the other it will have people attacking or agreeing and for those losers it's great!

  • Hmmm... Good question. My guess is that we have a hard time understanding other people of the opposite gender. Hell, we even have a hard time understanding other people (aside from our own individual selves) from our own same gender.


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