Are you happy with how questions get ignored so easily? How about a bump button feature? Also, a "time until able to post new topic" feature?

I'll post a question, sometimes it just gets overlooked for whatever reason, and gets bumped down so quick nobody will even see it! I post an update to bump it up but I notice updates usually aren't noticed in the feed so it rarely gets the question noticed by anyone. If I post more than 2 updates and no answer the question is doomed. This isn't fair, I get questions unanswered and that defies the purpose. Can't there be a bump button feature where everyone can "bump" their questions up once per day to at least guarantee people see it? Bumping by status update made no sense to me anyway and it ruins the look of my topic unless I really post an update relevant to the topic. I've posted here very often and this bothers me very much.

Which brings to my second idea, show how much time is left until we can post new topics. It's annoying guessing when we don't know when 24 hours will be up!

What do you want to see changed?
I guess I'll bump this 😕


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  • Oh, I do understand the frustration in having a question ignored, mainly if the question is serious. I do wish G@G'ers would get better with answering questions, or at lest when a question is answered, it isn't something snarky that serves me no purpose.

    I do like the 'Bump' idea. It might be a nice way to put old questions out there again, but it should have a limit of how many times you can do this, and if the question hasn't been answered yet.

    • Once a day seems fair or until mabye you get 5 answers per gender.

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