Do we need to add "My question/opinion does not violate any rule for posting on G@G" to everything we write on here?

Dear mods, please familiarise yourselves with the rules for posting on this forum introduced in the FAQ. I've had several opinions hidden only to be reinstated later on. I know that maybe you want to win the giftcard for best moderator or whatever but please, this isn't the way. you're getting pretty annoying. Have a good evening.

Do we need to add
My question/opinion does not violate any rule for posting on G@G


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  • Some mods are that stupid that if you'll write "@Squidward was so idiot /or/ I'm going to masturbate @Whoooooooooo 's dick" they'll hide those opinions. They're not familiar with guidelines, let alone the community.

    But yeah. Nowadays, they don't have (much) experienced mods. A lot of old users left. New ones are appointed and promoted too quickly. They just report the content in gray area. Yes, a lot of them are after gift cards haha bitter truth. But hey, not everyone is like that. There are some awesome ones.

    A mod stalked me and hid a lot of posts. He was talking revenge because I gave him reality check lol. And some of my posts were borderline, but I knew the guidelines so, I made them positive enough to survive, poor mods hid them and they got reinstated, eventually. Sometimes I had to talk to admins too.

    Adding such option would annoy the users. It'll take so much time to check a box before hitting the post button. And culprits wouldn't even care and check it even if they're being negative.

    It would be better if admins took a little test or training before appointing mods. It's like giving half-brained monkeys, a gun.


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  • Perhaps some aren't quite sure about if it violates the rules or not, so they err on the side of caution. I understand the frustration, though!

  • lol I agree.


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  • The site recently made quite a bit of changes to why and what should be hidden
    so I could indeed understand if some of the newer moderators made a little mistake
    just remember.. they're human too. ^.^

    • I understand if it happens once but its quite frequent. I hope at some point the newer ones go through the FAQ.

  • "My question/opinion does not violate any rule for posting on G@G"
    That's why they have the nonsense part... if it doesn't fit any of the other ones but they don't like it, they'll remove it for being nonsense.

    I had a similar one like this and it got removed... guess for what reason. yup, exactly. they don't want questions about deleted questions and such so expect this one to go too

    • This one isn't asking about a deleted question so it really doesn't violate anything. I just wish something is done about it before their userbase starts disappearing, like @KDA20

  • How do you get opinions reinstated

    I've had real-talk deleted because it was deemed too offensive.

  • Sometimes we delete content in the Grey area. It is reviewed for that reason.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if some of the mods remove posts just because they disagree with them.

  • Yeah man... yeah...

    Today another one of ma questions went hidden... seems like some mod's against me or something...

    All I asked was "Guys, have u ever got hard by seeing yer mama?"

    Well... it was just plain curiosity... I know for some people it might be weird... but I didn't post some porn video or something... for God's sake!!!

    • Probably because the topic was incestuous in nature.

      "Explicit – These are posts that contain depictions of overly graphic violence or sexually explicit details (text, images, videos or links) that are considered poor quality content. Full nudes and posts that encourage or glorify bestiality/incest are removed as explicit."

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    • That counts as incest, and incest counts as explicit.

    • It wasn't ma only question dat got removed... here are some others:

      "Have you ever shaved someone's head after beating him/her up?"
      "In which part of the body, do you like hitting someone?"
      "Do you agree only faggots go to classy restaurants?"
      " Are there any accurate flying magic spells? Have you tried any? How is it possible for a human to fly like a bird?"

      I dunno but seems like some mod... or even admin... must be against me... I've seen worse questions remain...

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